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SJ - Rebooking, cancellations and refunds

Read how to rebook or cancel your trip, and which refund rules apply.


Rebook SJ

If you want to rebook your trip, search for your booking via Show/Change ticket.

With this ticket, you can rebook your journey to another place or another date until the departure of the train. You can also cancel your journey. You will then receive a credit value (the ticket price minus the booking fee) that can be used for tickets on SJ trains. New tickets must be booked within 180 days of the departure date on your original ticket but your new journey kan be completed after 180 days. If the price for your new journey is higher, the difference is payable. If the price of the new journey is lower, a credit value will be sent to the journey's contact person via email.

Use your credit value to purchase:

  • Travel on SJ's trains
  • Rebookable tickets
  • Tickets that can neither be rebooked nor refunded
You cannot use your credit value to purchase:
  • Travel with public transportation companies
  • Refundable tickets
  • Annual pass or period passes
  • Travel with a train operator other than SJ


Cancel SJ

If you have a refundable ticket, you may cancel your train trip via Show/Change ticket. You will be refunded for the ticket price (minus the booking fee). 

Refunds due to sickness or death

In the event of sickness or death, a 100 % refund can be paid* on presentation of a valid certificate. This applies regardless of the type of ticket.

Valid certificates:

  • Medical certificate: In the event of a medical emergency, a medical certificate signed by a doctor and verified with the doctor's name, telephone number and official stamp must be presented. If the document lacks an official stamp, a copy of the doctor's medical licence must be included. The certificate shall contain the date and a diagnosis confirming that the customer, due to a medical emergency, could not travel the day on which the ticket was valid.
  • Death certificate or other verification from a priest or firm of undertakers. In addition to a refund for a traveller's own death, deaths of close relatives also qualify for refunds. The refund can also include any other member of the party's tickets, provided they are included in the same order.

*This does not apply to tickets purchased for SJ Evenemangståg (SJ Events trains).