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Our ticket categories

Students, youths and senior citizens can find Last Minute tickets within the regular booking process.

Our ticket flexibilities

The ticket is refundable

With a refundable ticket you can get a refund if you need to cancel your journey. We will refund you the ticket price (minus the booking fee). The ticket must be cancelled before the departure time. Other rules may apply for travel with other operators. Contact the respective operators for more information.

The ticket is rebookable

With this ticket, you can rebook your journey to another place or another date until the departure of the train. You can also cancel your journey. You will then receive a credit value (the ticket price minus the booking fee) that can be used for tickets on SJ trains. New tickets must be booked within 180 days of the departure date on your original ticket but your new journey kan be completed after 180 days. If the price for your new journey is higher, the difference is payable. If the price of the new journey is lower, a credit value will be sent to the journey's contact person via email.

The ticket is non-rebookable

This ticket can neither be rebooked nor refunded. Nor is it permitted to change the name on the ticket. If the booking includes added extras that have been paid for (meal or seat reservation), these additions will also be refunded on cancellation before departure time. If you are unable to travel due to sickness, you will receive a refund on presentation of a medical certificate.

Last Minute ticket

A ticket for those under 26 years, or studying or retired.

Commuter tickets

If you travel a lot during a period, we offer a wide range of beneficial tickets, such as Annual passes for all our trains and Monthly passes for unlimited travel for 30 or 90 days between two cities.

The easiest way to purchase your ticket is on or in our app.

Download our app here: 

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Our payment methods

Private persons can choose to pay by credit card Visa, Mastercard and American Express; by debit card or invoice (only in an SJ Service Center and on, not on bord trains). You will need to verify your ID via Mobile BankID.

We will no longer accept cash payment in our service centers or for food and beverages on board trains where refreshments are sold. Journeys can be purchased using cash payment via one of our agents, such as Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven.

Our ticket delivery methods

You can choose between:

  • A PDF e-ticket sent to you by email. Once on board the train, you present your PDF ticket in your mobile phone or computer display, or as a paper printout.
  • SMS tickets are sent the day before departure. If your departure is within the next 24 hours, the SMS ticket will be sent within 15 minutes. Tickets can be sent to most European telephone numbers. SMS tickets must be electronically scannable by our on board personnel. If your screen is cracked, we recommend using a different delivery method.
  • Collect your ticket, for a fee, from Pressbyrån or 7-Eleven outlets. The fee is payable on collection of the tickets.
Example of translated SJ-ticket
Example of a PDF ticket translated into English. Not valid for travel.