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Sweden Rail Pass

Sweden Rail Pass is no longer available for this summer. We hope you have had a wonderful summer in Sweden, travelled a lot by train and experienced new fantastic places. For next summer, we hope to offer Sweden Rail Pass again.

Sweden Rail Pass

In recent years, more and more people have begun to discover the benefits of taking climate-smart holidays. That's why we are now releasing the Sweden Rail Pass for everyone so you can go on a climate-smart adventure this summer! Visit a new town, camp on a deserted beach or look up an old friend! With the Sweden Rail Pass you can travel all over Sweden and stay as long as you feel like in each place. Best of all, your trip has minimal environmental impact. That's what we call real freedom!

The card is available in two different versions, so you simply choose the one that suits you best.

Sweden Rail Pass:

  • 100% discount on all 2nd class journeys for 15 days
  • 100% discount on all 2nd class journeys for 30 days

The Sweden Rail Pass is valid on SJ's trains in Sweden, as well as on Tåg i Bergslagen. Seat reservations must be made on all trains where possible.

SJ's children's offer is valid, so the whole family can hop on the train.

The card is not valid on connecting county traffic or other train operators. If you are getting off or on a train at Arlanda airport, there is an Arlanda station fee.

Remember that the card must be valid every day you travel. For example, if you travel by night train, the card must be valid even on the day you arrive at your final destination.

Facts about the card

Sweden Rail Pass (SJ Tågluffarkort Sverige) – for 15 days

  • Price adult: SEK 3,295
  • Price pensioner: SEK 2,645
  • Price student/youth: SEK 1,995

Sweden Rail Pass (SJ Tågluffarkort Sverige) – for 30 days

  • Price adult: SEK 4,695
  • Price pensioner: SEK 3,745
  • Price student/youth: SEK 2,795

The following applies for both cards:

  • Valid for 15 or 30 optional consecutive days during the period 1/6 – 22/8 within Sweden, as well as on Tåg i Bergslagen
  • Valid for adults, pensioners and students/youth
  • Valid on SJ's day trains in 2nd class
  • Valid on SJ's night trains for a berth and 2nd class seat
  • SJ's children's offer is valid
  • Gives double points if you are a SJ Prio member
  • Can be purchased no earlier than 15 days before the first day of travel on and in SJ's app. Last day to buy the card is 24/7 for the 30 days card and 8/8 for the 15 days card
  • The card is personal
  • Booking of journey is required before each departure
  • The card cannot be refunded after the first day of validity
  • Gives a 20 % discount on the entire range in the bistro on board the train (excluding alcohol) during the validity period. Just show the Sweden Rail Pass in the bistro!

Did you know?

All our train journeys carry the Good Environmental Choice label so you can criss-cross the country with a clear conscience.


Our top tips for your train hopping

Pack light – your backpack should preferably not weigh more than seven kilos. Pack smart and with a small toothpaste tube. You don’t have to leave your backpack for storage at short stops.

Don't plan too much – dare not to worry about detailed planning! The best thing about train hopping is the flexibility. Look for an approximate route, but don't pre-book everything. Then you won’t get stressed.

Choose the right accommodation – dare to book accommodation while travelling. Stay in hostels if you are travelling alone because there it is easy to meet new people. If you are travelling in a group, you can book via Airbnb or hotel booking websites. The best accommodation is of course the night trains!

SJ train hopper card

Text in SMS: Hi Mom! Today we climbed the mountain Kebnekaise. Really tough! The sticking plaster you gave me were perfect! Karin had none.

Need inspiration of how to discover Sweden?

Some questions and answers about the Sweden Rail Pass

What is the Sweden Rail Pass?

It is a ticket for adults, pensioners, students and young people that enables travel in Sweden with SJ. The ticket gives the right to book train journeys in 2nd class on SJ's day trains as well as a berth or a seat in 2nd class on SJ's night trains.

The Sweden Rail Pass is valid for 15 or 30 consecutive days; you choose when during the summer to take your travel period of 15 or 30 days. But the last day you can buy the 30 days card is the 24 of July and the last day to buy the 15 days card is the 8 of August 2020. The Sweden Rail Pass is digital and personal.

What does the Sweden Rail Pass include?

  • Free journeys in 15 or 30 days (booking of travel is required before departure)
  • Only 2nd class
  • Travel all over SJ's train network in Sweden, from Malmö in the south to the border with Norway in the north. 
  • Seat reservations are included and are required before getting on the train.

How can I buy the Sweden Rail Pass?

  • You can buy the Sweden Rail Pass here on (see booking links further up) and in SJ's app
  • The card is also sold at SJ Travel Offices, via +46 771 – 75 75 75 and at travel agencies and agents.

How can I book journeys with an active Sweden Rail Pass on

Once you have obtained your Sweden Rail Pass, you can easily go into the booking stream and choose either Sweden Rail Pass (SJ Tågluffarkort) under Add Rail pass
Then you search for the journey you want, just as you would have done to buy a normal one-way ticket.

Are there any extra costs?

No, there are no costs for seat reservations, for example. However, there is a fee for using Arlanda station, if you get on or off the train there.

What's wrong if it says Not applicable when I try to book a journey?

Then you have booked a trip that doesn’t only include SJ trains. Make the reservation again and make sure that your booking only includes SJ trains.

Can I buy the card in advance?

Yes, the card can be purchased up to 15 days in advance. When you buy the Sweden Rail Pass, you decide what the validity period starts.

Which student identification does SJ accept?

SJ accepts student ID from Mecenat, Studentkortet and ISIC.

Is SJ's children's offer valid?

Yes, SJ's children's offer is valid.