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Disabled community

Please find information below about assistance and other relevant details that are useful to know when travelling by train.


If you have disability that means you require help to and from the train, you can order assistance. Disability assistance is available at many stations at no extra cost.

We can assist you to and from the station and when changing trains. Assistance is available at many stations throughout Sweden.

Book disability assistance no later than 24 hours before departure by calling +46 771-75 75 75. In order to ensure a safe and secure journey, we need to know the dimensions of your wheelchair or walker, plus the combined weight of the equipment and the passenger. Please have this information ready when you call to book.

If you need to cancel your assistance, call +46 771-75 75 75. Please cancel assistance no later than 12 hours before departure so that those responsible for assisting you can be informed.

Limit the luggage you will be bringing on board to two smaller bags weighing no more than 20 kg combined.

At the train station

Train stations with disability assistance have clearly marked meeting points. Assistants wear yellow vests and will help you to the train. If the assistant is not at the meeting point at the agreed time, please call +46 774-44 55 55.

Once on board the train, our train hosts will help you to and from your seat.


Guide and service dogs

With a view to giving the dog peace and quiet while working, passengers travelling with a guide or service dog may travel in other parts of the train than in the animal-permitted zones in 2nd Class.

SJ Day trains

Travellers with guide or service dogs can travel both 1st and 2nd Class. The dog, which must remain on the floor, travels free of charge by the traveller's side. Our Disabled seats are the most suitable (not for wheelchairs). The dog must also wear a special harness or service coat to show that it's in service. All dogs wearing a special harness or service coat are permitted in the bistro and restaurant carriage.

SJ Night trains

Guide and service dogs may be brought aboard SJ Night trains. The traveller is not required to pay for the empty berths. It is possible to book a 1st Class private compartment with WC/shower, a couchette compartment or a sleeping car compartment. The dog must remain on the floor. The compartments are thoroughly cleaned.


The dog is allocated a free place when a seat for a guide or service dog is booked. These seats can be booked on +46 771-75 75 75. If you are able to have the dog at your feet (i.e. no own place allocated for your dog), you can book your seat yourself here at To book a seat, select Disabled seat under Seat request. Disabled seats are available in both 1st and 2nd Class, close to WCs and exits.

Travellers suffering from fur allergies

Travellers suffering from fur allergies are advised to book a seat in the Non-animal zone under Seat request. Non-animal zones are available in both 1st Class and 2nd Class. There may occasionally be guide or service dogs travelling in the same carriage. Our on board hosts will help to reseat you, at your request.

Seats on board the train

Our trains offer special seats to make your journey easier.

Disabled seat (no wheelchairs)
There are designated Disabled seats on all trains. These are regular seats, but they are located in close proximity to a WC and the exit. Disabled seats are available in both 1st Class and 2nd Class, and can be booked here at It is not possible to book a Disabled seat on departures that do not offer seat reservations.

Wheelchair place
Wheelchair places are available in 2nd Class and can be booked on almost every departure. These departures are marked with a wheelchair symbol on the timetable. There are two types of wheelchair place:

Wheelchair place − where the floor space is designed to accommodate a wheelchair. If you book one of these places, you will remain seated in your wheelchair throughout the journey.

Wheelchair place plus seat − comes with floor space designed for a wheelchair to stand in plus a regular seat next to it that is all part of the booking. If you are capable, you can move across to this seat.

Wheelchair places can be booked at Only travellers in wheelchairs may book wheelchair places.

Dimensions and weight of manual and electric wheelchairs:

Train Maximum width, length and weight (incl. the traveller)
X 2000 70 cm, 120 cm, 350 kg
SJ 3000 and Regina 75 cm, 125 cm, 300 kg
InterCity 67 cm, 84 cm, 225 kg
Night train (sleeping car) See info below
Double-decker trains 75 cm, 125 cm, 300 kg


Electric scooters/Electric mopeds (3 and 4 wheels) and electric bicycles are considered vehicles and may not be brought on board. Our train/wheelchair lifts are not designed for these vehicles due to, among other things, the cumbersome turning radius. Safety is another reason why they are not permitted on board.

Seat close to wheelchair place
The seats closest to the wheelchair places are programmed to be among the last ones to be sold on the train. These places can be booked online.

On board the night train
During the autumn of 2020, we can unfortunately not offer the opportunity to bring a wheelchair on night trains because maintenance of carriages with wheelchair lifts is carried out. We refer instead to day trains with wheelchair lifts.

Non-animal zone
Non-animal zones are available in 1st and 2nd Class, and can be booked online. There may occasionally be guide or service dogs travelling in the carriages. NB: SJ cannot guarantee that other travellers in the vicinity are not carrying allergens on their clothes. If the need arises, our on board hosts will help you find another seat.

Non-smoking seats
Non-smoking applies to all SJ trains.

Buy tickets

We offer different ways of buying tickets, different ticket categories, and a number of ways of collecting your ticket. Not all methods are available for everyone. You are always welcome to contact us on +46 771-75 75 75 touch tone 5.

Traffic disruption, help to cancel or rebook tickets, and help to buy tickets
Opening hours: 24 hours*

Other customer services
Opening hours: Mon.–Fri. 08.00−17.00*

*Our opening hours may vary during major holidays.


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