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Applicability of the Terms and Conditions of Purchase
SJ AB, reg. no. 556196–1599, is a distributor of the Movingo ticket on behalf of Mälardalstrafik MÄLAB AB. Unless otherwise stated, these terms and conditions of purchase (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions of Purchase”) shall apply to purchases of Movingo Tickets and any additional services regarding Movingo you purchase from SJ AB (hereinafter referred to as “SJ” or “we/us”) in SJ’s sales channels. In addition to approving these Terms and Conditions of Purchase, when you make a purchase you also approve the terms and conditions which we refer to in this document. The Terms and Conditions may be supplemented or superseded by special terms and conditions of purchase. In such case, these special terms and conditions may be found in Movingo’s product sheet at

The journeys with SJ are governed by SJ’s General Terms and Conditions of Travel. In the event of discrepancies between SJ’s General Terms and Conditions of Travel and these Terms and Conditions of Purchase or other SJ terms and conditions specifically applicable to Movingo, the two latter stated shall take precedence.

If you purchase a Movingo Ticket in SJ’s sales channels which also include another service operator, the terms and conditions of travel of that operator will apply to these legs of the journey.

When you purchase Movingo Tickets in SJ’s sales channels for journeys with another service operator, SJ only acts as a distributor and thus is not responsible for ensuring the performance of these transport services. Any complaints and claims for compensation due to delay which relate to other service operators shall thus be addressed to the performing party. If the Rail Passengers’ Regulation applies to your journey, however, you are entitled to contact any performing railway company.

You can read additional information regarding Movingo and validity of the Movingo Ticket at or

Generally regarding the Movingo Tickets
The Movingo Ticket is not personal and entitles the holder to unlimited journeys for a period of 30 days, 90 days or one year on the relevant legs with SJ’s Regional Trains, where the Movingo Ticket is valid, and/or with another service operator in, or between, each county in which the ticket is valid. The Movingo Ticket is valid for the legs, stations and service operators stated on the ticket.

On or in SJ’s mobile application (hereinafter “SJ’s App”) it is stated for which of SJ’s departures the ticket is valid. With respect to validity on other service operator ’departures, you are referred to or the relevant service operator.

The Movingo Ticket applies from 12 midnight on the first selected validity date after purchase until 4.30am on the day after the last validity date. 

A Movingo Ticket may only be used by one person per journey. You must have a valid Movingo Ticket during the entire journey. If you do not have a valid ticket, you may be obligated to pay an additional fee in accordance with the Penalty Fees in Public Passenger Transportation Act (1977:67).

Discount groups
Children (0-6 years of age) and young people (7-19 or who have turned 20 years of age during the validity period of the ticket) and students who study at not less than a 75% rate of study in a student grant authorized education are entitled to travel at a reduced price.

Valid ID documents to verify identity and age include all passports, Swedish ID documents, Swedish Migration Authority LMA cards, as well as national ID cards within the EU. Other foreign ID documents are not accepted. Students must be able to verify studies as set forth above using valid student identification. Valid student identifications are Mecenat or Student Card with the SL logo.

If you have purchased a discounted ticket but cannot prove your right to do so, you may be deemed to lack a valid ticket.

Travelling with children
If you are travelling on a valid adult ticket or youth/student ticket, you may take two children (0-6 years of age) without charge on all Movingo legs in 2nd class.

If you are travelling on a valid adult ticket on SJ Regional Trains on which the Movingo Ticket is valid, you may be accompanied by two children up to and including 15 years of age without charge in 2nd class.

Purchase of Movingo Tickets, etc.
When you purchase a Movingo Ticket from SJ, as customer you are responsible for ensuring that the order is correct. Thus, it is important that you check the information in the order before making the purchase.

With Movingo you travel without the need for a seat reservation. If you have purchased Movingo with a 1st class supplement on SJ, however, a seat reservation is recommended in order to enjoy the 1st class service.

You may purchase and obtain your Movingo Tickets as follows:

SJ Movingo Card

You can purchase and load a Movingo Ticket valid for 30 days in SJ Automated Ticket Machines, at SJ Ticket Offices and at selected SJ representatives in Mälardalen ( which, together with printed paper tickets, comprise your ticket. Please note that the paper ticket must be saved during the entire validity period.

If you lose your Movingo Card or if it is stolen, you may contact SJ Customer Service or an SJ Ticket Office in order to block the card. If you are an SJ Prio member and linked your card to your member number before you lost the card, a new ticket may be obtained upon payment of a service fee, provided that the ticket was valid for up to nine days before the card was blocked.

SJ Movingo App Ticket

You can purchase a digital Movingo Ticket on, in SJ’s App, in SJ Ticket Offices, at SJ Customer Service, and selected travel agencies. In order to use your digital Movingo Ticket, you must have SJ’s App installed on your mobile telephone. Following purchase, Movingo in SJ’s App must be activated on your device in order to be valid. The mobile telephone on which the App Ticket has been activated will become the ticket bearer. The App Ticket is displayed in SJ’s App under the “Tickets” tab. Your mobile telephone must have been connected to the Internet within 48 hours from when you most recently presented the App Ticket in order for the App Ticket to be valid.

If you wish to move the SJ Movingo App Ticket to another device, you may do so at an SJ Ticket Office for a service fee. SJ shall be entitled to limit the number of moves per month.

The App Ticket must be presented in a mobile telephone in order to be read electronically by SJ’s personnel on board the train. In other traffic systems, a manual validation is made of the App Ticket through ocular control. You are personally responsible for ensuring that the device has sufficient battery life during the entire journey since you may need to present your ticket during the entire time the journey is underway.

Use of Movingo in the SL service
When loading SJ Movingo Cards in a SJ Automated Ticket Machine, you may also load an SL Access Card with a barrier opener in order to pass through the SL barriers without going past an SL station attendant. The SL Access Card is not a ticket. It only opens the barriers for journeys in the SL service systems.

When using SJ Movingo App Tickets with a right to travel in the SL service system, you must present your ticket to an SL station attendant in order to pass through the barriers. If you have an SJ Movingo App Ticket however you cannot use an SL Access Card as a barrier opener.

Repurchase of Movingo Tickets
Repurchases are managed by SJ Customer Service, SJ Ticket Offices, selected SJ representatives in Mälardalen and selected travel agencies.

The following applies with respect to repurchases of Movingo Tickets:

  1. Prior to the first validity date, the Movingo Ticket is repurchased at its full purchase value. 
  2. From the first validity date and up to the date on which one third of the ticket’s validity period has expired, you are entitled to a repurchase. The repurchase amount is calculated as follows:

the price of the ticket x (1 – (3 x the number of days the ticket has been valid/the total number of days the ticket is valid));

For examples of the calculation of the repurchase amounts, click here (in Swedish only).

3. There is no right to a repurchase after one third of the validity period of the ticket has expired.

Repurchase in connection with changes in the range of services

If you purchase a Movingo Ticket and SJ’s range of services applicable to the ticket changes after the purchase in such a way that it differs from what you could have reasonably expected at the time of purchase and the change is of material significance to you, you are entitled to a repurchase of the ticket even after one third of the ticket’s validity period has expired. In such case, you are entitled to a refund of that portion of the ticket price which related to the period of time after the withdrawal. The repurchase amount is calculated as follows:

the ticket price/total number of days the ticket was valid x the number of remaining days.

This expanded right to repurchase shall not apply in connection with planned temporary service changes which are communicated in advance or regular timetable changes including, for example, the changeover to the summer timetable. In order for SJ Customer Service in each individual case to be able to assess whether the claim for an expanded right to repurchase is satisfied, you must be able to provide a written explanation of why the change in service means that your planned journeys cannot be carried out.

Illness and death

In the event of acute illness or death, the remaining value of the Movingo Ticket may be refunded upon presentation of an approved certificate.

Approved certificates:

  • A doctor’s certificate: in connection with acute illness, a doctor’s certificate must be available for presentation, completed by a doctor, and attested to through the use of the doctor’s name, telephone number and stamp. In the event a stamp is not provided, a copy of the doctor’s ID must be attached. The certificate must include the date and the diagnosis which confirms that you, due to acute illness, could not travel during a significant portion of the period during which the ticket was valid.
  • Death certificate/a certificate from a clergyman or funeral home confirming death. 

The repurchase amount shall be calculated in the same manner as in connection with repurchase based on changes in the range of services.

Processing of personal data
In certain cases in connection with purchases, complaints and other management of your Movingo Ticket, you provide personal data to SJ. When you register and use your login account, SJ will collect personal data regarding you. Your privacy is important to us. Therefore, we are ardent about processing your personal data in a safe and secure manner, and in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation. You can read more about how SJ processes your personal data, and for what purposes, as well as information regarding your rights in connection with the processing of your personal data on

If you fail to comply with the provisions set forth in the Terms and Conditions of Purchase and/or SJ’s General Terms and Conditions of Travel on repeated occasions and fail to take rectification measures following a request by SJ, SJ reserves the right to terminate the agreement and repurchase any remaining term of validity on the Movingo Ticket.

Dispute resolution
If you are dissatisfied with SJ’s actions or have claims against SJ, it is recommended that you first contact SJ’s customer service.

In the event the parties cannot agree, a private passenger is entitled to have the dispute determined through alternative dispute resolution by the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN). It is SJ’s policy to follow ARN’s recommendations.

Other disputes arising form the Terms and Conditions or Purchase shall be adjudicated by a court of general jurisdiction.

SJ’s customer service contact details

Send an e-mail

Tel: +46 (0) 771-75 75 75 (private customers)

Tel. +46 (0) 771-75 75 55 (business customers)

Entry into force
These Terms and Conditions of Purchase shall enter into force on 20 August 2018 and shall apply to purchases of Movingo Tickets made commencing on this date.