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SJ Terms and Conditions of Purchase govern agreements entered into with SJ for the purchase of journeys and additional services offered therewith.


A. The applicability of the general terms and conditions of purchase

Unless otherwise stated, these terms and conditions of purchase (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions of Purchase”) shall apply to purchases of tickets and any additional services you purchase from SJ AB company registration no. 556196–1599 (hereinafter “SJ” or “we/us”) in SJ’s sales channels. In addition to these Terms and Conditions of Purchase, when you make a purchase you also approve the terms and conditions which we refer to in this document. The Terms and Conditions may be supplement or superseded by terms and conditions of purchase for specific types of tickets and services provided by SJ. These special terms and conditions may be found in the relevant product sheet at

Journeys with SJ are governed by SJ’s General Terms and Conditions for Carriage. If you purchase a journey with another operator in SJ’s sales channels, that operator’s terms and conditions of travel will apply. If you purchase a Resplus journey (Resplus ticket) or a combined multi-day ticket with several different operators, each operator’s terms and conditions for travel for the relevant leg of the journey will apply. In addition, for Resplus there is an Arrival Guarantee offered through Resplus’ terms and conditions of travel; see

In conjunction with purchases made with SJ of additional services or journeys with another operator, SJ acts only as a distributor and, thus, has no responsibility for the performance of these transports or additional services.

B. Purchase of journeys
When you purchase a journey and/or additional service from SJ, as customer (passenger or contact person) you are responsible for ensuring that the order is correct. Thus, it is important that you check the information in the order before making the purchase.

You must have a valid ticket during the entire journey. It is not possible to purchase a ticket on board SJ’s trains (1). If you do not have a valid ticket at the time of departure, you will instead pay an additional fee in accordance with the Penalty Fees in Public Passenger Transport Act (SFS 1977:67).

All purchases include a booking fee. The booking fee is stated on the ticket.

C. Payment alternatives
At SJ’s Ticket Offices (Sw. Resebutik) as well as 7-eleven and Pressbyrån, you can choose to pay for your journey in cash. Unless otherwise provided, you can choose to pay with a payment card, Swish or invoice in SJ’s other sales channels.

In conjunction with payment using payment cards, as the customer you can be confident that your information will not fall into the wrong hands. All communications containing sensitive information are encrypted. SJ and its cooperating partners satisfy the requirements of the card networks. This includes the rules and regulations applicable to the secure handling of cards - PCI DSS. In conjunction with e-commerce, you can choose to save information regarding your payment card. If you choose to save the payment card, it is stored encrypted. You can at any time delete the saved payment card at, under “My account”.

SJ reserves the right to carry out anti-fraud measures in conjunction with card purchases.

If you are connected to Swish, you can make payment drawn directly from your bank account. Open the Swish app on your mobile device and approve the payment through your mobile Bank ID to complete the purchase.

In connection with purchases of journeys against invoice, special terms and conditions for the invoice purchase shall apply in addition to the Terms and Conditions of Purchase. Please note that SJ, or the party which SJ engages for the transaction, may check the credit information of the person who is stated as liable for payment of the invoice purchase.

D. Tickets
Your ticket can be delivered to you in the following ways:

  • An e-ticket is a PDF file which is sent to a stated email address in connection with the purchase. On board the train, you present the ticket in your mobile phone or computer. You can also print out the ticket. 
  • An SMS ticket is sent to a stated mobile phone number the day before the journey. If you are travelling within 24 hours, the SMS ticket is sent within 15 minutes of the purchase. The SMS ticket is only valid in the mobile telephone to which SJ has sent the ticket. 
  • A paper ticket can be collected from an SJ Automated Ticket Machine. Tickets can also be collected without charge from an SJ Ticket Office. Tickets may also be collected for a fee at Pressbyrån or 7-eleven. The fee is paid upon collection. Please note that tickets cannot be collected on board the train (2). 
  • Certain multi-day tickets and are delivered via post.
  • An App Ticket is collected in SJ’s app. An App Ticket offers certain types of tickets and may only be installed on one mobile telephone at a time. If you wish to use another mobile telephone as the ticket bearer, you can move your App Ticket to another device at SJ Ticket Offices and via SJ Customer Service for a service fee.

In conjunction with purchases in SJ’s application system (hereinafter the “SJ App”), your ticket is shown under “Tickets” when you are logged in.

A ticket which is presented in the mobile telephone, computer or other hardware device must be electronically readable by SJ’s personnel on board the train. If your hardware device has a broken screen, we recommend another method of delivery. You are personally responsible for ensuring that the hardware device works and has sufficient battery life during the entire journey since you may need to present your ticket at any time during the entire time the journey is underway.

A personal ticket is valid only for the person whose name appears on the ticket. The ticket must be presented on the train together with a valid ID. If you do not have a valid ID, you may be deemed not to have a valid ticket.

Valid IDs include all passports, Swedish ID documents, Swedish Migration Authority LMA cards as well as national ID cards within the EU. Other foreign ID documents are not accepted. Accompanying children need not show any ID document, except where the child’s age must be verified.

A personal ticket may not be transferred or sold to another person. 

If you have lost your SMS ticket or e-ticket and have your booking number, you can obtain a new ticket via, the SJ App and SJ Automatic Ticketing Machines. If you have also lost your booking number, you can contact an SJ Service Center or SJ Ticket Office to obtain a new ticket. If you have lost your paper multi-day tickets, in certain cases a new ticket may be obtained upon the payment of an administrative fee.

E. Multi-day tickets and multiple purchase tickets
SJ offers multi-day tickets and multiple purchase tickets according to the product range available on The Terms and Conditions of Purchase are supplemented or superseded by the special terms and conditions of purchase for certain types of multi-day tickets and multi-purchase tickets according to the provisions of the relevant product sheet available at


1. SJ Annual Passes
SJ Annual Passes are personal and must be shown in connection with ticket checks together with an ID card. On legs of journeys in respect of which seat reservations are possible, you may reserve a seat on the train without extra charge. Seat reservations are required on SJ express trains (Sw. Snabbtåg).

SJ Annual Passes may be refunded where the pass is returned before the first day it is valid. The booking fee is not refundable. If you have lost your SJ Annual Pass you can, by presentation of the police report, obtain a new Annual Pass upon payment of an administrative fee.

Special terms and conditions apply to SJ Annual Passes. You can read more about this at

2. SJ Monthly Passes

SJ Monthly Passes are personal and must be presented in connection with ticket checks together with an ID card. On legs of journeys in respect of which seat reservations are possible, you may reserve a seat on the train without extra charge. Seat reservations are required with SJ Monthly Passes on SJ express trains (Sw. Snabbtåg).

SJ Monthly Passes may be refunded where the pass is returned before the first day it is valid. The booking fee is not refundable. A monthly pass which has already become valid is subject to a 10% reduction for each day the ticket has been valid. This means that if the ticket was valid for 10 days or more no refund is payable. A lost monthly pass printed on security-class paper is not replaceable. A Monthly Pass issued via e-ticketing may be reprinted in an automatic ticketing machine or sent as a PDF file via email.

For additional terms and conditions regarding SJ Monthly Passes go to (in Swedish only)

3. Movingo ticket
SJ is a distributor of the Movingo ticket on behalf of Mälardalstrafik MÄLAB AB. These terms and conditions of purchase (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions of Purchase”) shall apply to these terms and conditions.


4. Withdrawal from contracts for purchases of multi-day tickets

If you purchase a multi-day ticket (i.e. a ticket which entitles you to an unlimited number of journeys during a specific period of time) which covers a route which is shorter than 150 km and SJ's range of services changes after the purchase in such a way that it differs from what you could have reasonably expected at the time of the purchase and the divergence is of material significance to you, you are entitled to withdraw from the purchase. You are entitled to a refund of that portion of the ticket price which related to the period of time after the withdrawal. The refund is calculated as follows: the ticket price/number of days the ticket was valid multiplied by the number of remaining days.

The right to repurchase shall not apply in connection with planned temporary service changes which are communicated in advance or regular timetable changes including, for example, the changeover to the summer timetable. In order for SJ Customer Service in each individual case to be able to assess whether the claim for an expanded right to repurchase is satisfied, you must be able to provide a written explanation of why the change in service means that your planned journeys cannot be carried out.

F. Discount groups
The following passengers are entitled to travel at a reduced price:

  • Children and young people (up to and including 25 years of age)
  • Students with any of the following valid student IDs: Mecenat, ISIC or Student Card, and
  • Pensioners (a person who is 65 years of age or older, or who has a certificate from the Swedish Pensions Agency or a currently valid certificate for illness, activity or disability benefits from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan).

A valid ID document to verify their age includes all passports, Swedish ID documents, Swedish Migration Authority LMA cards, as well as national ID cards within the EU. Other foreign ID documents are not accepted.

If you have purchased a discounted ticket but cannot prove your right to do, so you may be deemed to lack a valid ticket.

G. Rebooking and refund rules
The rebooking and refund terms and conditions for travel are set forth below for journeys with SJ. Please note that if you purchase a journey with another operator or a journey consisting of individual legs with two or more different operators, the rebooking and refund rules may differ for the different operators, even if you purchase the journey from SJ.

Upon purchase of a non-rebookable journey, the ticket can be neither rebooked nor refunded.

5. Rebookable tickets
If you have purchased a rebookable journey, the journey must be cancelled prior to the time of departure in order to be rebooked. You may rebook at, using the SJ App, an SJ Ticket Office or SJ Service Center.

Upon cancellation, you will receive a rebooking credit equal to the ticket price less the booking fee. You can use this rebooking credit to book a new journey. The rebooking credit may not be used to purchase a refundable journey, a multi-day ticket or a multi-purchase discount. The new journey must be booked within 180 days of the date stated on your original ticket. If the new journey costs more than the relevant rebooking credit, you must pay the difference. If you fail to use any portion of the rebooking credit within the above-stated 180 days, the entire credit is forfeited.

In the event the new journey costs less than the relevant rebooking credit, a credit voucher will be sent within one week with the remaining credit via email or SMS to the contact person for the original journey.

The credit voucher is valid as a means of payment for 180 days for purchases of new journeys with SJ. The credit voucher must be used at one time and the credit which is not used on such occasion is lost. The credit voucher may not be used in combination with SJ Travel Accounts or payment via invoice.

Journeys paid for using SJ Prio points may be rebooked in accordance with section 6.4 of SJ Prio Membership Rules.

6. Refundable tickets
If you have purchased a journey which is refundable, the journey must be cancelled prior to the departure time in order to be refunded. The booking fee and any invoice fee are not refundable.

Tickets are refunded in the same way as the original payment was made.

A refund for journey paid for using Swish is made immediately and the refunded amount is on your account immediately upon repurchase.

A refund for a journey paid for using a payment card is normally made within 3-6 business days, depend on the bank which has issued the card.

Where payment for the journey was invoiced and the invoice has been paid, the refund is made to the designated bank account. Where the invoice has not yet been paid, an updated invoice is sent.

In the event you need to provide bank information in order to receive the refund, you may do so within one year commencing the ticket’s departure date.

Journeys which have been paid for with SJ Prio points may be refunded in accordance with section 6.4 of SJ Prio Membership Rules.

In the event of illness or death, the entire ticket price may be refunded upon presentation of an approved certificate.

Approved certificates:

  • A doctor’s certificate: in connection with acute illness, a doctor’s certificate must be available for presentation, completed by a doctor, and attested to through use of the doctor’s name, telephone number and stamp. In the event a stamp is not provided a copy of the Doctor’s ID must be attached. The certificate must include the date and the diagnosis which confirms that the patient, due to acute illness, could not travel on the date on which the ticket was valid. 
  • Death certificate/a certificate from a clergyman or funeral home confirming death.

In addition to the traveller’s own death, the death of a close relative also affords the right to a refund. A refund may also cover the tickets of any accompanying persons provided that they are included in the same order. The right to repurchase in the event of illness and death shall not apply to tickets for SJ Special Trains.

H. SJ Special Trains
After you have purchased a ticket for an SJ Special Train, you will receive a confirmation email. This is your ticket, which you must present on the train. The price includes a booking fee in the amount of SEK 150.

Tickets for SJ Special Trains cannot be cancelled or rebooked unless otherwise specifically stated in conjunction with booking the relevant event. If you would like to be able to cancel your ticket, you may purchase cancellation insurance, which costs SEK 300. The cancellation insurance allows you to cancel your journey until 5 PM on the day prior to departure. Upon cancellation, the ticket price (including any pre-ordered food) is refunded, less the booking fee of SEK 150 and the cost of the cancellation insurance.

There is no right to a refund for SJ Special Trains in the event of illness or death as set forth above in "Rebooking and refund rules".

SJ reserves the right to cancel any special train in the event of insufficient bookings. In such case, SJ shall refund the entire cost of the ticket.

I. Passengers with wheelchairs and mobility

SJ permits wheelchairs and mobility scooters which meet SJ’s dimension, weight, and safety requirements on board the train (read more regarding different requirements here). You are personally responsible for ensuring that your wheelchair/mobility scooter meets the dimension requirements before booking your ticket. Please note that the requirements are different for the various types of trains. In the event that the wheelchair/mobility scooter does not meet the set requirements, you will be denied boarding for safety reasons.

It is only permissible to travel with a wheelchair and/or mobility scooter with the wheelchair/mobility scooter placed in a wheelchair space. Wheelchair users and passengers with mobility scooters must therefore book a wheelchair space both on departures with requirements for seat reservations and on departures without requirements for seat reservations. Read more about seats on board here

J. Processing of personal data

When you buy a journey from SJ, you provide information about yourself. If you purchase a journey for another person, you provide personal data regarding such person. SJ is responsible for the processing personal data pursuant to the applicable personal data legislation. You can read about how SJ processes personal data and your rights under the data protection legislation, here.

K. Negligence
If, on repeated occasions, you fail to comply with the provisions set forth in SJ's General Terms and Conditions of Travel and fail to take rectification measures following a request by SJ, and/or have one or more unpaid additional fees, SJ reserves the right to cancel the agreement and repurchase the ticket or, for holders of multiple purchase tickets and multi-day cards, the remaining term of validity on the ticket/card. SJ may also choose not to enter into a new agreement for purchase of tickets and any supplemental services with you.

L. Restrictions on the booking of specific placement

Booking of wheelchair space
Only persons confined to a wheelchair may book wheelchair space. Other passengers with prams, bulky luggage, or suchlike are referred to other spaces on board.

8. Booking of seats in a particular direction of travel
In conjunction with purchases of journeys combined with a particular request to be seated facing or against the direction of travel, SJ reserves the right to turn the train if the traffic situation for the train so requires, the consequence being that the desired seating cannot be provided.

M. Dispute resolution
If you are dissatisfied with SJ’s actions or have claims against SJ, it is recommended that you first turn to SJ’s customer service.

In the event the parties cannot agree, a private passenger is entitled to have the dispute determined through alternative dispute resolution by the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN).

Allmänna reklamationsnämnden(3)
Box 174
Stockholm, 10123

It is SJ’s policy to follow ARN’s recommendations.

If you live in an EU country or in Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland and have bought your ticket on, you can use the European Commission’s website for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

Other disputes arising form the Terms and Conditions or Purchase shall be adjudicated by a court of general jurisdiction.

N. SJ's customer service contact details

Send email

Tel: +46 (0) 771-75 75 75 (private customers)

Tel. +46 (0) 771-75 75 55 (business customers)

O. Entry into force
These Terms and Conditions of Purchase shall enter into force on 12 January 2021 and shall apply to purchases made after this date.  


1. However, after 11 December 2016 it will be possible to purchase tickets on board trains operated by SJ on behalf of Tåg i Bergslagen (TiB). The price is higher on board the train than when purchased at other sales channels and there is no possibility to receive passenger-class discounts.

2. In accordance with the above, after 11 December 2016 it is possible to purchase a ticket on board the train which SJ operates on behalf of TiB. In such case, the paper ticket is printed on board the train. 

3. This alternative dispute resolution board is included in the national list of alternative dispute resolution boards which comply with the requirements established by Directive 2013/11/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on Alternative Dispute Resolution for consumer disputes,