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Processing of personal data for SJ Voice control

1. Introduction

When you ask Google to talk with SJ, SJ's voice control application (the App) can interact with you to provide results and suggestions in relation to your questions and commands, e.g. traffic information and saving your favourite route. Google is the controller of personal data in relation to the processing of personal data that takes place within Google Assistant. However, SJ may, in exceptional cases, process personal data and in such case is the controller of personal data in relation to such processing. We have described below how we process personal data within the framework of the App.

2. Personal data

The App gains access to a User ID. A User ID acts as an identifier of an individual user but, at SJ, it is not tied to any specific individual and therefore cannot be used by SJ to identify you.
If you provide any personal data when using the App, e.g. if you provide a name, address or anything else that can be used to determine the identity of a specific individual, this data may end up in our logs. Thus, we recommend that you do not share any such data in your use of the App, unless you want us to process such personal data.
In Google’s Applications Directory, you can renew your User ID at any time, thus restoring the information stored with Google which is associated with the User ID you are using. A User ID is also automatically reset by Google after 30 days of inactivity. When you renew your User ID, any information stored with your old User ID will be processed by Google in accordance with their terms and conditions. Upon renewal of your User ID with Google, the App will retain the information associated with your old User ID, but that information will not be renewed or further enriched.
For more information on how you can choose what you share with Google Assistant and how to delete activity in Google Assistant, visit Google, for example go to

3. How we use the data

We get the opportunity to see activities a single User ID takes in the App to train the App and provide you with a better user experience. In our logs, we handle questions that users (User ID) ask and choices they make to analyse how the App is used and what we should develop further. We also see which available devices are linked to the User ID and what type of device is used when using the App. Logs containing this information are also used for troubleshooting purposes.

4. Information sharing to third parties

Google generates and uses information that we may share, such as User ID, in accordance with Google’s terms and conditions. In addition, suppliers, inside and outside the EU/EEA, who provide services to us may have access to the data we process, e.g. when such suppliers are to carry out maintenance of our IT environment. Otherwise, SJ does not share information with third parties linked to your use of the App.

5. Miscellaneous

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Most recently updated on 18 March 2019.

You can read more about SJ's personal data processing and your rights at