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SJ AB Terms and conditions of annual pass

These Terms and Conditions apply to any person who has purchased an SJ annual pass from SJ AB reg. no. 556196–1599, (hereinafter “SJ” or “we/us”) or from any of our distributors. When you purchase an SJ annual pass, you also accept the following terms and conditions set forth in this document.

SJ Annual Passes are personal and must be presented in connection with ticket checks together with an ID card. On legs of journeys for which seat reservations are possible, you may reserve a seat on the train without extra charge. Seat reservations are required on some of SJ’s trains. The relevant trains are stated at (Swedish only). You may not book more seats than you can use, i.e. you may not, for example, book seats on several trains at the same time or trains which, in practice, you cannot be on at the same time. If you have booked a seat that you do not intend to use, the seat must be cancelled prior to departure.

Information regarding the benefits which are included in the various SJ Annual Pass levels, where you can travel with your SJ annual pass, etc. is available at (Swedish only). Please note that, the benefits and the legs of journeys to which your annual pass applies may change during the term of validity of the annual pass. In the event of material changes, you are entitled to have your annual pass repurchased by SJ.

If you have purchased your annual pass in any of SJ’s sales channels, SJ’s General Terms and Conditions of Purchase also apply.

SJ’s General Terms and Conditions of Travel apply to journeys with SJ. In the event of any inconsistencies between SJ’s General Terms and Conditions of Travel and these Terms and Conditions for Annual Passes, these Terms and Conditions for Annual Passes shall have precedence.

For information regarding the validity of Resplus annual pass supplements, read more here (Swedish only).

A right to compensation in the event of delay as provided under SJ’s General Terms and Conditions of Travel also applies to anyone who travels on an SJ annual pass. The amount of the compensation for delay is based on an average price per journey calculated based on the price of the annual pass. The total compensation for delay during the term of validity of the annual pass may not exceed the purchase price of the annual pass. You can read more about your rights in the event of delay here.

If you lose your annual pass, you may get a new one upon payment of an administrative fee and presentation of a police report.

If you are not a member of SJ Prio, as a purchaser of an SJ Annual Pass you may subsequently claim SJ Prio points for the annual pass purchase. The right to retroactive registration shall apply for the entire term of validity of the pass. You can read more about SJ Prio point registration here.

In order for us to give you rewards as a recurring annual pass customer, SJ undertakes to save data related to your annual pass purchase(s) as long as you are an active customer of SJ.

In the event you, as an SJ Annual Pass holder, have obtained the card within the scope of your employment, your employer shall be entitled to request the annual pass be prematurely discontinued (without a right of refund) provided your employer can verify that it has paid for the annual pass.

If an SJ Annual Pass is purchased by an organisation within the scope of a company agreement with SJ, the organization shall be entitled once during the validity term of the annual pass to change the holder to another person in the same organization for a cost of SEK 1,500.

In relation to the organisations with which SJ has a corporate agreement, SJ has an obligation to report purchases and travel history tied to the corporate agreement. This means that if your SJ annual pass is purchased, or your seat reservation for a journey using an SJ annual pass is made, under such a corporate agreement, we may also provide the organisation with purchase and travel history related to your annual pass.

Your privacy is important to us. We are therefore careful to ensure that the personal data SJ collects about you is processed in a safe and secure manner, and in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation. You can read more about how SJ processes your personal data, and for what purposes, as well as information regarding your rights in connection with the processing of your personal data at

In the event of any misuse of an SJ annual pass or breach of these Terms and Conditions or SJ’s General Terms and Conditions of Travel, SJ reserves the right to revoke the annual pass and repay such part of the ticket price which relates to the period following the revocation.

Contact information

You can contact SJ Customer Service with questions regarding SJ annual passes at:
Send an email
Tel. +46 (0)771–757575 (private customer)
Tel. +46 (0)771–757555 (business customer)


These Terms and Conditions shall apply commencing on 30 October 2018.

SJ reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions subject to notice of 30 days. Notice of the current Terms and Conditions and information regarding future amendments will be given at (Swedish only) or by email.