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Rules of public order

This is where you can read about the rules that apply when travelling on our trains.

Your obligations as a train passenger

When you purchase a ticket from SJ, we enter into an agreement. This means that SJ undertakes to ensure that you arrive at your destination, and you, as our passenger, undertake to comply with the rules that apply onboard our trains. If you do not comply with the applicable rules, you may be shown off the train. This also applies if you fail to comply with instructions given by our staff.

Your ticket

You are obliged to present a valid ticket for the entire journey when required to do so on the train or at any other ticket control/ticket gate. Remember to retain your ticket throughout the journey.

If you have lost your ticket or travel without a valid ticket you will be obliged to pay a fixed supplemental fee (inspection fee) of SEK 1,200 if you are over 15 years of age. Other provisions may apply for railway traffic which SJ operates as a contractor for public transportation companies, for example.

Your luggage

In order to ensure that the journey is comfortable and safe for everyone, there are a few simple rules on how much luggage an individual passenger may bring with them and where the luggage may be stored on board.

You may only bring on board as much luggage as you can easily carry yourself.
The basic rule is a maximum of two bags per person plus a laptop bag/handbag. You can also bring one piece of special luggage, such as a collapsible pram, skis, a golf bag, a musical instrument, or a collapsible bike. Skis and collapsible bikes must be stored in protective bags.

You may not bring on board any items which are hazardous, disruptive, or encroach on the space of other passengers.

As a passenger, you are personally responsible for carrying your luggage onto and off the train, storing it correctly, and keeping an eye on it during the trip. All luggage must be placed in the train’s luggage racks, on overhead shelves, or under the seat. Prams must be collapsed and stored so that they do not impede access onboard the train.

For safety reasons, SJ’s staff are entitled to refuse access to the train for passengers with hazardous or excess luggage. 

Beverages etc.

The onboard bistro serves alcoholic drinks to passengers aged 18 and above only. Any alcohol you bring with you may not be consumed onboard. Any alcohol bought on board may not be taken with you when you leave the train.

All use of drugs or any other types of intoxicants (e.g. nitrous oxide) is prohibited on board SJ’s trains.

Anyone who behaves drunk or otherwise endangers the safety of himself or others through his behaviour will be asked to leave the train.

Radios etc.

Radios, cassette players, musical instruments, mobile phones and the like may not be used in a way that disturbs or distresses other passengers.

Safety regulations

You may not embark or disembark a train when it is in motion, nor may you open the carriage doors when the train is moving. You may only embark and disembark when the train is stationary at the station platform.

You may not enter or cross the track area at any place other than those clearly marked, e.g. by signs, for use by the general public.

Level crossings must never be crossed when the barriers are down or are moving up or down, or when the warning bell is ringing, the stop signal is lit, or a train is approaching.


Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited on all of our trains.