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To make the journey comfortable and safe for all we request that you read our rules for luggage on board.

We are delighted that you, like so many others, choose to travel with our trains. In order for the journey to be comfortable and safe for everyone, there are a number of rules for how much luggage each person may bring with them, where the luggage should be placed and how the luggage should be handled on board the train.

There is limited luggage space on board and the SJ staff cannot help you lift luggage when embarking/disembarking due to occupational health and safety. It is therefore important than you do not bring more or heavier luggage with than you can easily carry yourself.

  • The basic rule is that each person may bring with them no more than two bags (maximum dimensions 80x50x35 cm, maximum weight 20 kg) and a small hand luggage.
  • In addition to the above mentioned, you may carry one piece of special luggage, such as a collapsible stroller, a ski bag, a golf bag, a musical instrument, an electric scooter, a folding bicycle or a disassembled bicycle in a bicycle bag.
  • All luggage must be placed in the train's luggage racks, under the seat in front of you or on a vacant floor space allocated for luggage.
  • When boarding, we ask you to only place large bags in the luggage racks at either end of the carriage. Smaller bags almost always fit in the luggage rack above your seat. For safety reasons, you must never place luggage in the aisle or in front of the train doors. As a traveller, you are responsible for putting your luggage in the right place and keeping watch over it during the entire journey.
  • It is not allowed to bring items that are dangerous, disruptive or that infringe upon your fellow travellers’ space. Make sure that your luggage is packaged well, does not have any sharp corners or edges, or that it does not risk damaging or dirtying fellow travellers or furnishings.
  • For safety reasons, SJ staff have the right to refuse travellers who do not oblige to SJ’s luggage rules boarding the train.
  • Note that replacement buses may have limited space inside the bus, which means all luggage, including hand luggage, cabin baggage and musical instruments, may need to be placed in the luggage compartment. The bus driver is responsible for the safety assesment regarding luggage on board the bus.

Special luggage

  • Strollers are to be folded well in advance of embarking and should be put away so it does not disturb the accesibility on board. An unfolded stroller may only be brought on board if space permits it. Unfolded strollers may never be placed by the train doors or escape routes.
  • Wheelchair: If you need a wheelchair, we recommend that you book a wheelchair space. Only wheelchair users are allowed to book a wheelchair space. For safety reasons, mobility scooters and electric mopeds (3 and 4 wheels) are not permitted on board.
  • Ski equipment is to be place in a ski bag and placed so that it cannot fall over.
  • Electric scooters and smaller folding bicycles are to be folded and placed in the luggage racks at either end of the carriage or under the seat in front of you. They may not be placed on the overhead luggage racks. It is not allowed to charge electric scooters or larger lithium batteries on board the train.
  • Bicycles are to be disassembled or folded and stored in a bicycle bag before embarking (maximum dimensions 140x85x30 cm, maximum weight 25 kg including both bicycle and bag). The bag must be placed on a vacant floor space as instructed by the onboard staff. The bag must not portrude into the aisle or block doors.
  • Larger musical instruments (e.g. double bass) are to be stored in an instrument case and placed on a vacant floor space as instructed by the onboard staff. 
  • Note that for safety reasons, the onboard staff may be forced to refuse special luggage on board if there is no room for the luggage on board. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a departure that does not run during peak hours if you want to bring larger luggage as stated above.

We hope that these luggage rules make it easier for you to plan your journey and that they make it even more comfortable. For us, the rules contribute to increased punctuality, safer onboard environment and even better opportunities to deliver an efficient, comfortable, affordable and environmental product.

Thank you for following these luggage rules and we wish you an enjoyable journey!