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ID controls when travelling to and from Denmark

Sweden and Denmark have decided to strengthen border controls. Valid ID is required for entry into Sweden and Denmark.

FAQ about ID border checks

What do I, as a passenger, need to do?
You must buy your SJ ticket before departure and display it as usual on the train. The border controls have been strengthened. A valid ID document is required for entry into Sweden and Denmark. Make sure that you have valid photo ID ready before the train reaches the stations on either side of Öresund Bridge. 

How do I travel from Österport?
To travel from Österport, take the DSB trains (note that valid ID is required).

What is a “valid ID document”?

For Nordic citizens: Valid passport, national ID card or driving license issued in a Nordic country.

For citizens of other EU/EEA countries: Valid passport or national ID card.

For citizens of other countries: Valid passport and, if required, a visa or residence permit.

Do children need a valid ID document too?

Children who are travelling unaccompanied by an adult must have a valid ID document, whatever their age. Children under the age of 18 travelling with an adult do not need their own ID document.

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