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1 class and 2 class

On most of our departures we offer different travel class options. Here you can read more about the difference of accomodation between 1 and 2 classs.

SJ 1 class

In 1 class you travel in extra comfort and you have access to our lounges in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

SJ High-speed train

On our high-speed trains you can sit back and relax in extra wide seats, with a cup of coffee and snacks always close at hand. Breakfast is included on departures before 9 o'clock and is served at your seat. Services included:

  • Access to free coffee, tea and snacks (biscuits, fruits or muffins) in your carriage.
  • More leg room and wider seats.
  • Access to SJ Lounge.
  • Breakfast served at your seat.
  • Option to pre-order food to be served at your seat.
  • Seat reservation.
  • Wi-Fi.

SJ InterCity and SJ Regional

In the timetable you can see what type of train your are travelling with and what service is available on board, such as a bistro or Wi-Fi.

SJ Night train

With your own sleeping compartment 1 class you travel in the highest comfort. You have access to your own shower/WC and breakfast is included, either on board or at your destination. Services included:

  • Your own compartment.
  • The bed is made with pillow, pillowcase, bottom sheet, duvet cover and duvet.
  • Private shower/WC with towels and soap.
  • Breakfast.
  • Access to SJ Lounge.

SJ 2 class

In 2 class you travel comfortably for a great price.

SJ High-speed train

  • Option to pre-order food for pickup in the bistro.
  • Seat reservation.
  • Wi-Fi.

SJ InterCity and SJ Regional

In the timetable you can see what type of train your are travelling with and what service is available on board, such as Wi-Fi. A seat reservation is included on some of our departures.

SJ Night train

There are several 2 class options available on our night trains. If you wish to travel for as little as possible, we offer normal seats. If you want to travel in comfort, you can book your own private 2 class sleeping compartment. Included services:

  • Access to WC and stowage areas in the corridor.
  • Option to upgrade to a higher comfort on board (subject to availability).
  • Seat reservation.

Children in 1 class and 2 class

In 2 class, children always get a discount and a younger child may share a seat with an adult. On many of our trains we offer the opportunity to sit together around a table, perfect for when you need a little more space for crafts, games and snacks!

In 1 class we do not offer any discount for children.

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Quiet Zone

If you want peace and quiet to work or relax, you can book a seat in our Quiet Zone. It does not cost anything extra and is available in both 1 and 2 class on our high-speed trains. You reserve your seat in the quiet section when you buy your ticket.

Remember to turn your phone off or set it to silent. Avoid calls and use headphones if you are listening to music och watching something so as not to disturb your fellow travellers.

We are changing the concept Quiet Zone

We are constantly reviewing our service concepts to ensure that they meet our passengers' needs. During the renovation of our X 2000 trains, we have taken the opportunity to review the concept of Quiet Zone on all our high-speed trains. Therefore, it will not be possible to book a seat in the Quiet Zone on our X 2000 and SJ 3000 trains for travel from October and onwards.

Onboard Wi-Fi

Use your travel time efficiently and do some work or just surf around the web. All high-speed trains are upgraded to 4G for a faster connection. In addition, we offer Wi-Fi on our 1 class sleeping compartments between Stockholm and Malmö!

You surf at a speed of at least 1 Mbps, which is enough to be able to browse, work and stream most online services.

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