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Pets are welcome on board!

Pets on SJs day trains

You may bring with you two pets, free of charge, when travelling in 2 class. You need to reserve a seat in the "Pets allowed" section of the train. If you are travelling on a train where it is not possible to make a seat reservation, you need to sit in a carriage that allows pets. You will find a "Pets allowed" symbol on the outside of the carriage when boarding the train.

Your pet is not allowed on the seats and needs to stay on the floor during the entire journey. If your pet is not able to fit on the floor space in front of your seat, you need to purchase an extra seat. The cost of the extra seat corresponds to the price of a youth ticket. For smaller pets in cages (such as birds, rabbits or guinea pigs), each cage is counted as a pet.

If there is a traffic disturbance during your journey and we need to use replacement buses, we will help you and your pet get to your final destination. Some bus companies may have specific rules for bringing pets onboard.

You are responsible for your pet not disturbing or risking the safety on board.

Pets on SJs night trains

The rules described above also apply when you travel in the seated carriage on our night trains.

We have a limited number of 6-bunk couchettes that allow pets. You must book the entire compartment regardless of many travellers you are. You pay a fixed price for all six bunks. If an animal has been travelling in a couchette compartment, these go through an extra cleaning process.

How to reserve a "Pets allowed" couchette:

Fill in what stations you wish to travel between and your travel dates. Then enter promo code ANIMALS in the Add promo code field and continue to the next step. If there are any pets compartments available the departure will be shown with a red price in the timetable. You pay for all six bunks in the compartment automatically. Continue your booking as usual and complete your order.

Journeys with other railway companies

The rules for bringing a pet on board the train may vary between operators. Please contact the company operating your journey for more information.

Travelling with pets between countries

You are responsible for knowing and following the rules that apply for travelling with pets between countries. Rules may differ depending on the country and the type of animal.

Information on animals travelling into Sweden can be found on

Information on EU rules for travelling with pets can be found on