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Food and beverages on the train

In the SJ onboard bistro we offer snacks, sweets, meals and drinks. On this page we present current menus and price lists.

Welcome back!

From 29 September, our normal selection of meals and drinks will make a return. Our passengers are also more than welcome to sit down in the bistro to enjoy their meals. Welcome back!


Food on our high-speed and IC trains

On our high-speed trains and on some InterCity trains, we offer a selection of food, snacks, candy, hot and cold drinks.

If you book your ticket more than 24 hours in advance, you have the option to pre-order food. If you are travelling in 1 class, the food will be served at your seat. If your are travelling in 2 class, the food is available for pickup in the bistro.

See the full menu of dishes available for pre-order [pdf]

When you travel in 1 class breakfast is included on trains departing before 09:00. If you travel in 2 class, you can pre-order breakfast for pickup in the bistro.

Kaffe och fika

Food on the night trains

On our night trains to/from Jämtland and Umeå there is a bistro available on board with the same selection as we offer on our day trains. The bistro is usually open between 06:30 and 23:00. There is no bistro on the night train to/from Malmö

When travelling in 1 class, breakfast is included in your journey. If you are travelling on a night train with a bistro, you can pickup your breakfast from when the bistro opens until 09:00. In some cities we offer our 1 class passengers the opportunity to eat their complementary breakfast at hotels and cafés near the train station. You will find the list of the cities and breakfast places here.

Barnens favoriter

The children's favourite

You can pre-order our children's menu when booking your trip with SJ Highs-speed train. For children, you can choose between strawberry jam pancakes and meatballs with pasta and carrot sticks. When you pickup the food on board the train, you can choose Smakis juice or milk to drink. When you pre-order our children's menu, a small children's book and a box of organic raisins is also included.

Vegetarian/vegan, gluten- and lactose-free

Our regular selection includes vegetarian/vegan, gluten- and lactose-free options. All food labelled as vegetarian is also vegan.

If you wish to pre-order vegetarian, gluten-free or lactose-free breakfast, it is possible to do so when booking your ticket.

Our gluten- and lactose-free children's dish (meatballs with gluten-free pasta and carrot sticks) can be pre-ordered when you book your ticket.

Special diet in 1 class on SJ High-speed trains

On departures before 09:00, breakfast is included in your ticket when travelling in 1 class. If you wish to have a vegetarian, gluten-free och lactose-free breakfast option, you need to contact SJ Customer service via telephone or chat with your order at least 24 hours before your departure.

When you pre-order our 1 class meal, a vegetarian/vegan and a gluten-/lactose-free option is also available.

Alcoholic beverages

We only serve alcoholic drinks to passengers aged 18 and above. Any alcohol you bring with you may not be consumed onboard. Any alcohol bought onboard may not be taken with you when you leave the train.

We serve alcohol from 11:00 in Sweden and from 08:00 in Norway.

Food on SJ Regional train

We do not sell food or beverages on our regional trains. However, on some departures breakfast (a sandwich and a hot drink) is included if you are travelling in 1 class. This offer applies to trains departing Linköping C, Norrköping C or Örebro C before 09:00 on weekdays.

To pickup your breakfast, go to Pressbyrån on the station before embarking and show the staff your 1 class ticket.

Cash-free bistro

Since the summer of 2020, we no longer accept cash as a form of payment when purchasing food and beverages on board our trains. You are very welcome to pay using card or Swish.

Use and earn SJ Prio points in the bistro

As a member of our loyalty program SJ Prio you earn point when buying food and beverages in our bistro. Please show the staff your membership in the SJ app when paying. You can also use your already earned points to pay in the bistro, ask the staff if the amount of points in your account is enough to cover your purchase.

Our breakfast places

These are hotels and cafés our 1 class passengers can go to for their complementary breakfast. These places are open for you until 09:00 in the morning. Show the staff your 1 class night train ticket to receive your breakfast.


Grand Hotell

Breakfast buffet


Espresso house,
Knut den stores  torg

Scones, hot drink and juice


Scandic Kramer (Teverandan)

Breakfast buffet


Stockholm C (not on weekends)

Sandwich, hot drink and juice/yoghurt


Scandic Continental

Breakfast buffet


Scandic Plaza

Breakfast buffet


Hotel Aveny

Breakfast buffet


Åre Bageri

Breakfast buffet


First Hotel Statt*

* From 30 August

Breakfast buffet


Best Western Hotel Gamla Teatern
Thoméegränd 20

Breakfast buffet



Sandwich, hot drink, juice, yoghurt and DN news paper