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Track maintenance in Stockholm

During the trip

This is where you'll find information regarding how much time you need to change to trains and what platforms the commuter trains depart from.

Are you changing trains during your journey?

You may need to change trains if you are travelling from the south to Stockholm or south-bound from Stockholm and want to reach or depart from Stockholm Central. If you have bought a ticket that includes a change, we have calculated in enough changeover time for you to easily change trains without hurrying. No need to worry!

Please keep your distance to your fellow travellers on the platforms. If you feel the commuter train is too crowded you can alight and take the next departure. The SL commuter trains depart every couple of minutes.


Trains depart from these platforms:

Stockholm Central

No south-bound trains will depart from Stockholm Central (with certain exceptions). Platforms for north-bound trains will be listed in our app and at

Stockholm City

South-bound commuter trains depart from platforms 3 and 4. NB: Not platforms 3 and 4 at Stockholm Central.

Stockholm Södra

SJ trains depart from platforms 3 and 4 while commuter trains depart from platforms 1 and 2.


SJ trains depart from platforms 6 and 7 (with certain exceptions). Commuter trains depart from platforms 4 and 5.

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How long do I need to change train?

We recommend 30 minutes at Stockholm Central/Stockholm City, 20 minutes at Stockholm Södra and 20 minutes at Flemingsberg station. If you have bought a ticket that includes an SL route, we have calculated in enough changeover time in the ticket.

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How do I get to the commuter trains?

At Stockholm Södra and Flemingsberg you only need to change platforms to change between SJ trains and the commuter trains. To find your way between Stockholm Central and Stockholm City, follow the yellow arrows on the floor and the signs at the station.

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Whom can I ask for help during my trip?

If you are on a train the personnel onboard will try their best to help you. If you are changing trains and are having trouble finding the way, there are customer attendants happy to help you at Stockholm Central, Stockholm Södra and Flemingsberg during the track maintenance period.

Max out your time on the train

A couple of hours on a train can mean more than travelling from A to B. What not grab the chance to read, explore a new pod or start a creative project? (Or simply enjoy a good nap.)

Tip 1. Turn your seat into a reading nook

Have Elena Ferrante, Hanya Yanagihara or David Lagercrantz been collecting dust on your bedside table? Grab the chance to bring along that book you've been meaning to read. Perhaps the journey time means more novellas than novels – maybe Alice Munro or J D Salinger is your thing.

Tip 2. Kick start your next project

Are you burning to write a novel or learn a new language? Is 'repaint the bedroom' or 'change the balcony floor' on your to-do list? Grab the chance to spend your travel time on your next project - you can outline a synopsis, check out local language courses or compare duckboard prices at DIY stores.

Tip 3. Go American!

In 2005, the Oxford Dictionary named "podcast" Word of the Year, and that was a pretty good prediction. According to Fast Company, there are now over 525,000 pods available through Apple podcasts. New statistics from Nielsen and Edison show that 80% of American podcast listeners tune in to an average of 7 programmes a week. Why not go American during your train journey and listen to a critically-acclaimed pod, such as This is American Life, Serial or The Daily? If you prefer to listen to pods in Swedish, P3 Dokumentär and the current affairs programme Lilla Drevet have many loyal fans.

Tip 4. Ignore tips 1-3

Entertainment and creativity are fabulous, but a train journey is a rare opportunity for many people to enjoy doing nothing at all - to simply lean back and perhaps grab 40 winks. Our best tip is then to book a seat in a Quiet zone. A sleep mask and earplugs may also do the trick.

Useful information for passengers travelling to, from, or through Stockholm this summer