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Here you will find answers to our passengers' queries and ponderings.

When does SJ release their tickets?

Our ticket releases happen four times a year. The exact train schedule and dates of the booking period is communicated about 2-3 weeks before each ticket release. 

Ticket release dateBooking period
16th of June 202116th of August - 11th of December 2021
6th of October 202112th of December 2021 - 20th March 2022
8th of December 202121st of March - 19th of June 2022
In the middle of May 202220th of June - 28th of August 2022
In early June 202229th of August - 10th of December 2022

With reservations for changes.

When can i book tickets that may be affected by track work?

We will release the tickets as soon as the planning for each track maintenance is completed.

Easter ticket release

We are working hard planning the traffic for the track maintenance that will occur. Therefore some tickets for the period 14th-21th of April will be released later in February, when the planning is completed.

With reservations for changes.

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