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SJ Prio membership rules

SJ Prio Membership rules

1. Introductory provisions

1.1 SJ AB (SJ) develops, produces and sells travel under its own management and in cooperation with various partners. The range of services offered comprises interregional, regional and local traffic and daytime and night-time traffic in accordance with various service concepts. SJ’s range of passenger transportation services varies over time.

1.2 For train journeys, the passenger’s rights and obligations are regulated by SJ AB’s Standard Terms  and Conditions of Rail Traffic (SJ’s Standard Terms). SJ's General Terms and Conditions of Purchase shall apply in conjunction with agreements related to purchases of travel and supplemental services offered therewith which are entered into with SJ. SJ's General Terms and Conditions and General Terms and Conditions of Purchase are available at

1.3  SJ Prio is a customer loyalty programme for SJ’s travellers. The parties to SJ Prio are the members and SJ. These membership rules comprise the terms and conditions that apply to membership in SJ Prio. The membership rules applicable from time to time are available at

2. Membership & Membership Card

2.1 Membership of SJ Prio is personal, which means that only the member who is registered for the membership is entitled to use it. Membership in SJ Prio is free of charge.

2.2 Membership is only granted to people who are aged 16 or older. Companies and other legal entities may not become members. Only one membership in SJ Prio per person can be granted.

2.3  In order to become an SJ Prio member, the information which is mandatory must be provided when the application is submitted. Membership is registered in the member's name, personal ID number, e-mail address and postal address. Address information is automatically updated with the help of the national population register.

2.4  How a member can accept the membership rules depends on the application channel used. When applying to join SJ Prio at, acceptance takes place when the application is submitted. If the application to become a SJ Prio member is made by SMS, via SJ's app, by phone to SJ Prio Membership Services or SJ Contact Centre, or by contact with the SJ Ticket Office, the membership rules are accepted the first time that the member uses any aspect of SJ Prio (e.g. accruing and spending points or taking advantage of membership benefits).

2.5 SJ Prio members aged 18 or above can also apply for a SJ Prio MasterCard, which is known as a combined SJ Prio membership card with a debit and credit function. The SJ Prio MasterCard is administered by SEB Kort AB (SEB Kort). SEB Kort is solely responsible for those elements pertaining to the debit and credit function of the SJ Prio MasterCard. The terms and conditions of the debit and credit function are regulated in the SJ Prio MasterCard Account Terms & Conditions. The Account Terms & Conditions are accepted at the time the application for an SJ Prio MasterCard is submitted. Costs and fees determined by SEB Kort from time to time are payable for the SJ Prio MasterCard. Further information about the SJ Prio MasterCard and the current SJ Prio MasterCard Account Terms & Conditions are available at A member can only be granted one (1) SJ Prio MasterCard.

2.6  With respect to members who hold multiple memberships in accordance with previous
membership rules all points excluding any welcome points shall be transferred to the remaining membership point account.

2.7 An SJ Prio member will receive a unique membership identifier in the form of a membership number with an associated security code. The member will also receive a personal membership card digitally in SJ's app or a physical card which will be sent to the member. SJ Prio MasterCard is only available as a physical card.

2.8 The membership card displays the membership number, the member’s name and the card’s validity period. The member’s SJ Prio MasterCard also displays a card number which is used when paying with the card. In order for SJ Prio MasterCard and physical SJ Prio membership card to be valid, the member must sign the back of the card.

2.9 The membership card and its associated security code are a form of personal identification and a valuable document that must be kept and handled in the same secure manner as other valuable documents.

2.10  SJ Prio members must, upon request, be able to provide proof of their membership, e.g. by providing their security code in dealings with SJ Membership Services or when booking points travel by telephone – SJ Prio Membership Service or SJ Contact Center) or in an SJ Ticket Office. The member may also prove his or her identity by presenting a valid SJ Prio membership card together with a valid ID, for example on board a train.

2.11 The loss, theft or destruction of a SJ Prio Membership card must be reported to SJ Prio Membership Services as soon as possible. If the lost, stolen or destroyed card is a SJ Prio MasterCard, the loss, theft or destruction must be reported to SEB Kort as soon as possible. A replacement card will then be issued and sent by post to the member’s registered home address. The replacement card is issued with the same validity period, membership number and membership level as the original card. Replacement of an SJ Prio MasterCard will be subject to the fee applicable from time to time. The member may continue to earn points before the new card has arrived by stating his or her membership number, and may use points by stating his or her membership number and security code. If the member needs a new security code, it may be ordered via SJ Prio Membership Services.

2.12  If no points have been earned during a 12-month period, SJ reserves the right to discontinue sending information to the member. Moreover, if no points have been earned during a consecutive three-year period, SJ is entitled to terminate the membership without prior notice.

2.13  In the event of abuse or a material breach of contract with regard to applicable membership rules, SJ shall be entitled to immediately terminate the membership. SJ shall also be entitled to terminate the membership if the member has unpaid outstanding debts to SJ. Any earned but unused points shall be invalidated upon termination.

2.14 Upon termination of SJ Prio membership (at the request of the member or SJ), the ability to use elements of SJ Prio (such as the accrual and use of unused points or the use of membership benefits) shall terminate. Upon termination of membership of SJ Prio, the SJ Prio MasterCard, if any, will also be terminated.

3. Membership levels & membership benefits

3.1 The member’s membership year is created at the time of the application. The membership year starts on the date on which membership is registered and continues for 365 days. The next membership year then commences, and so on.

3.2  SJ Prio has three membership levels: White, Grey and Black. New members are assigned White membership level, and subsequently qualify for Grey or Black membership level, based on the number of Level Points collected during a single membership year. Customers with SJ Annual Cards who apply for SJ Prio membership immediately receive membership at the highest level (Black).

3.3  "Level Points" refers to points which affect the SJ Prio membership level. The member can also earn Other Points awarded from time to time, e.g. in conjunction with campaigns or by SJ’s cooperating partners. Other Points have no effect on the SJ Prio membership level. Level Points and Other Points are of equal worth when using points. Information regarding the services which earn Level Points and Other Points is available at

3.4 Membership level upgrading occurs on a rolling basis during the membership year. Upgrading to, or retention of, Grey membership requires that 6,000 Level Points be earned during a single membership year. Upgrading to, or retention of, Black membership requires that 25,000 Level Points be earned during one membership year. Membership cards at the Grey member level and Black member level are valid for the membership year during which the member qualifies for the level and for the entire following year.

3.5 At the end of each membership year, the member's membership level will be evaluated based on the number of Level Points earned during the newly-closed membership year. These Level Points determine whether the membership level will be retained or downgraded. Any downgrades will entail only one reduction in membership level at a time, i.e. a member at the Black membership level will only be downgraded to the Grey membership level, even if the number of Level Points is not actually sufficient for the Grey membership level. The membership level is affected only by the total number of points earned during one membership year and not by use of the points. The evaluation results in the issuance of a new membership card to the member at the same or a lower membership level. Any replacement of a membership card shall take place in ample time before the expiration date of the current membership card.

3.6 Membership at the various membership levels (White, Grey and Black) entitles the member to different membership benefits. These membership benefits are personal and are only valid with SJ or with specified partners. Information regarding the membership benefits available from time to time is available at

4.  Earning points

4.1 Regardless of membership level, members may earn points through personal purchases of SJ’s products and services. Products and services that qualify for points include SJ’s train journeys (excluding booking fees), SJ Annual passes, or other multiple purchase tickets, items in SJ’s bistro, supplementary services such as pre-ordered food, and products and services provided by SJ’s partners from time to time. Details of the products and services that qualify for Level Points and Other Points, respectively, and of the number of points awarded for each product/service, are available at

4.2 "Personal purchases of SJ’s products and services" means that the member can only earn points on, for example, his/her own SJ train journeys (i.e. the train journeys that the member personally travels). A member cannot earn points for travel booked by the member for another party. SJ Prio members can, however, earn points irrespective of who actually pays for the services which entitle the member to points under SJ Prio.

4.3  In order to earn points through SJ train travel, the membership number must be provided when the travel is booked. If the membership number is not provided at the time of booking, the member may register it for the train travel in question prior to the train’s departure time by logging in at (Member pages under the "Register Ticket" tab) or via SJ Prio Membership Services. In order to earn points when purchasing an SJ Annual Pass or SJ Monthly Pass, the membership number must be provided at the time of purchase. Special procedures apply to earning points for SJ Pendlarkort [SJ Commuter Pass], TiM-combination tickets, in SJ Regional machines and through cooperating partners. For further details, see To earn points for travel, the travel must be purchased via SJ’s sales system. Sales outlets with SJ’s sales system include (+46 (0)771-75 75 75), SJ Ticket Office, SJ Ticket Machines (including SJ ticket machines at Kastrup and Copenhagen H in Denmark and Oslo S in Norway), SJ Regional machines in Mälardalen, and Swedish travel agencies that act as agents for SJ. Travel on SJ’s trains purchased in other countries (with the exception of SJ Ticket Machines as specified above) do not qualify for points. In order to earn points in SJ’s bistro, a valid membership card must be presented at the time of purchase.

4.4 Points are always earned for the train routes and service class which is, for example, specified on the ticket (irrespective of ticket type), even if the member is offered an upgrade to the next class. This applies even if SJ requires the member to take a different route than that specified in the original booking.

4.5 If SJ engages another train company or means of transportation to provide its services, points will be earned only if this is specifically stated at

4.6  In addition to the foregoing, members who hold an SJ Prio MasterCard earn additional SJ Prio points when paying with the card on virtually all purchases made using the card, both purchases from SJ and purchases from third parties (any exceptions are detailed on Points are awarded using a differentiated scale, whereby members at the Black membership level earn more points for the same expenditure than members at the White membership level. The current points earning table is available at

4.7  The points become available for use on the member’s points account at different times,
depending on the services purchased by the member. For example, individual SJ train journeys
provide points two days after completion of the journey. Points earned using a SJ Prio MasterCard are itemised monthly as a total count on the member’s points account within 14 days of the end of each month. The dates of the points’ availability for different services can be found at

4.8  All points which are earned are valid during the calendar year in which they were earned and for an additional two full calendar years; thus they expire on 31st December of the last year if they have not been used prior to this date. The points’ period of validity is calculated from the date when they became available on the member’s points account. Points are used in the order in which they are earned.

4.9 Points can be registered retroactively (e.g. after completion of a journey), via SJ Prio Membership Services, no later than three (3) months after departure or purchase. In order to register points retroactively for SJ train journeys, the member must be able to present a SJ booking number that contains the member’s name. Retroactive registration of purchases made in SJ's bistro is also possible in exceptional cases, for example if the cash register system in the bistro was out of order. Retroactive registration requires a valid bistro receipt, signed by onboard personnel, which must be sent by the member to SJ Prio Membership Services. Retroactive registration of other purchases (e.g. from SJ's cooperating partners) is only permitted in exceptional cases, e.g. when cash register and payment systems are out of order. A declaration to that effect must be attached to the receipt. All retroactive registration requires the member to have been an SJ Prio member at the time of travel or purchase.

4.10 SJ reserves the right to withdraw the possibility to earn points and make use of membership benefits in conjunction with certain special offers and in certain agreements with companies and organisations.

4.11 Points are not awarded in conjunction with the use of points, e.g. in conjunction with points travel or when paying with an SJ Voucher.

5. Using points

5.1 Earned points can be used for free train travel (single journeys), known as points travel, to purchase selected items in the bistro, or for other points offers applied from time to time by SJ or SJ’s cooperating partners. The current points spending table is available at

5.2 Points are personal and cannot be assigned to another party. Points have no financial value and cannot be redeemed for cash. Moreover, two or more members may not combine their points in order to meet the limits for points expenditure unless this is specifically stated in an offer. A member may, however, choose to transfer (for example) a train journey paid for with points to another party.

5.3  Points travel can be ordered by logging on at or by calling SJ Prio Membership Services, SJ Contact Center, or SJ Ticket Office. In order to order points travel via SJ Prio Membership Services, the member must specify his or her personal security code.

5.4  A limited number of train journeys are available for purchase as points travel. Availability depends on capacity at the time of booking. There may be vacant seats at the normal price, even if the number of seats allocated for purchase as points travel is fully booked. There may also be occasions when no train journeys are available for purchase as points travel.

5.5  Points spent on points travel are deducted from the points account when the reservation is made. In order for points to be restored to the member’s points account upon cancellation or rebooking of points travel or other points spending, cancellation or re-booking must occur before the scheduled departure time. The member may cancel points travel by logging on at, by telephoning SJ Prio Membership Services, or by visiting an SJ Ticket Office. Retrieved tickets are sent to SJ Prio Membership Services, Box 1028, SE-831 29 Östersund, Sweden or turned in at an SJ Ticket Office. Only valid points can be restored to the member’s account. Other rules may apply to cancellations and re-bookings in conjunction with points spending with SJ’s cooperating partners. The current rules regarding the various cooperating partners are available at

5.6 Points travel is made on the same terms and conditions as standard travel. This means, among other things, that the member is entitled to receive compensation when the train is delayed, in accordance with SJ’s Standard Terms & Conditions, in the event the journey is delayed. Compensation when the train is delayed for points travel is payable in the form of the repayment of the relevant number of points (the current rules for compensation when the train is delayed are available at The membership benefits available at the member’s membership level also apply in conjunction with points travel.

5.7 Vouchers may be issued from time to time, e.g. when the member uses points in connection with an offer by SJ’s cooperating partners. A voucher is a valuable document that can be used as full or partial payment for the selected service. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash. A voucher must be surrendered when the member uses it. The validity period and rules for use are stated on the voucher. Lost vouchers will not be replaced.

6. Business travel

6.1 A member who intends to use SJ Prio points which were earned in conjunction with business travel and which were paid for by the member’s employer must provide the employer with advance notification of his or her intention. If the member is employed in the public sector, he or she should be aware that many employers do not permit points earned on business travel to be used privately.

6.2  Benefits earned from services and products within the scope of SJ Prio and which have been paid for by the member’s employer are taxable. The member is personally responsible for notifying the relevant tax office. The employee must submit details regarding the nature of the benefit to the employer as soon as possible, however not later than one month after use. The information forms the basis for the employer’s obligation to submit statements of earnings and tax deductions and pay social security contributions. The use of points when the member has personally paid for the activity from which points were earned is not taxable. For further information on applicable rules in this context, please contact the Swedish Tax Agency.

7. Processing of personal data, etc.

7.1 SJ intends, in its capacity as a controller of personal data, to process personal data submitted to SJ and gathered in conjunction with the use of SJ Prio. SJ is responsible for processing personal data pursuant to the Personal Data Act (1998:204). You can read information about how SJ processes member's personal data and the reason for the processing, together with information about rights afforded under the Personal Data Act, here. By registering personal data, the member consents to SJ processing personal data.

7.2 By applying to SJ Prio or using the SJ Prio membership card, the member also consents to the receipt of information and marketing material by post, telephone, e-mail, SMS/MMS, or other comparable method. This is contingent on the member, in conjunction with his or her application or at a later date, having provided SJ with details of his or her address, e-mail address or mobile phone number.

7.3  SJ shall be entitled to record or otherwise document the member's communications with SJ.

7.4 The member is entitled to obtain information from SJ regarding the processing of his or her personal data. Upon the member’s request or on SJ's own initiative, SJ shall correct data which is found to be incorrect. Once annually, a member may submit a signed request to SJ, requesting details of the data SJ has registered in connection with the member. The member is entitled to request that his or her personal data not be used for direct marketing purposes; this is done by contacting SJ Prio Membership Services. If the personal data proves to be inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise irrelevant, SJ shall be required to take corrective action.

7.5 For security reasons, SJ must be informed of name changes in writing. To do so, the member must provide his or her security code in conjunction with contact with SJ Prio Membership Services, or by personally logging on at

7.6 Account information, such as points account balances and travel statistics, will only be provided to a member who submits his or her security code when contacting SJ Prio Membership Services or who personally logs on to the services provided at

7.7 If membership is terminated on the grounds of abuse or a material breach of the membership rules or if membership has been granted on false grounds, the individual in question may be entered in the blocking register.

8. Generally

8.1  From time to time, SJ Prio members will receive advantageous membership offers and be targeted by various campaigns (e.g. points offers, invitations to events, competitions, etc.). These may be for a limited time, or targeted to specific markets or special groups within the membership base. Specific terms and conditions for these activities will be provided in conjunction with each and every offer and campaign.

8.2 Membership offers and other information may be communicated via different channels, e.g. email, the membership pages at, post and SMS/MMS. The most common communication channels are, however, e-mail and the membership pages.

8.3 Current membership rules, account terms and conditions for the SJ Prio MasterCard, earnings and withdrawal tables, and other information regarding SJ Prio are available at SJ reserves the right to amend the contents of SJ Prio and shall be entitled to amend the SJ Prio Membership rules with 30 days’ notice. Current membership rules and notification of impending changes are available at (SJ Prio Membership rules).

8.4 SJ shall be entitled to terminate the SJ Prio service upon six (6) months’ notice.

9. Disputes

9.1 Members are urged, first and foremost, to submit claims for compensation directly to SJ Prio Membership Services.

9.2 Disputes regarding the interpretation or application of these membership rules shall be resolved in a court of general jurisdiction. If the member has requested the resolution of a dispute with SJ by the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN), SJ and the member shall await ARN’s decision before bringing suit. If the ARN decision is not made until the claim is time barred, a party shall still be entitled to bring suit within three months of the date of the decision. The responding party may object on the grounds of the running of the statute of limitations only where suit is filed after the aforementioned deadline.

10. Force Majeure

10.1 SJ shall not be liable for events due to legislative enactments, public authority actions, acts of war, strikes, blockades, boycotts, lockouts or other similar circumstances.

11. Contact information

SJ Prio Membership Services

Telephon: +46 (0)771 75 75 75 (touchtone 4)
Adress: SJ Prio Membership Services
Box 1028
SE-831 29 Östersund

SJ Prio MasterCard (SEB Kort AB)

Telephon: SJ Prio MasterCard Customer Services: +46 (0)8-14 74 20
(for questions about transactions, account statements, application for/termination of SJ Prio
MasterCard etc.)

Open: Weekdays (ex. public holidays), 1 September–31 May, 8.30 am–5 pm (1 June–31 August, 8.30 am–4.30 pm)
Telephone: SJ Prio MasterCard Card blocking: tel: +46 (0)8-14 72 00
Open: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Personal data ombudsman for SJ Prio

SJ Personuppgiftsombud
Box 1028
SE-831 29 Östersund

12. Entry into force

12.1. These membership rules shall enter into force on 11 December 2015. The membership rules shall remain in force until further notice and shall supersede all previous versions.