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SJ AB’s General Terms and Conditions for SJ Customer Numbers


1.1. These General Terms and conditions are applicable when a company (the “Company”) registers itself via SJ AB’s website and thereafter receives an SJ customer number (the “Customer Number”. The Customer Number entitles the Company to purchase business travel under SJ’s management and other travel services from SJ's existing range of services from time to time (hereinafter “Travel Services”).

2. Customer Numbers

2.1. Customer Numbers received by the Company may be used in connection with ordering and purchasing Travel Services for the Company’s employees. The Customer Number may also be used as a basis for travel statistics.

3. Purchase and procedures regarding Travel Services

3.1. In order to receive SJ’s offers applicable from time to time, the Customer Number must be stated in connection with ordering. The foregoing applies to purchases of Travel Services via SJ’s sales channels as well as: at SJ. se (when logged in and linked to SJ Biz); on SJ’s App “Min Resa” (when logged in and linked to SJ Biz); by telephone on 0771-75 75 55; in SJ’s lounges at Stockholm Central Station and Gothenburg Central Station; in SJ’s Travel Offices at Stockholm Central Station and Gothenburg Central Station and Malmö Central Station; and via travel agencies and representatives. Purchases made using Customer Numbers are not possible in automatic ticketing machines, at Pressbyrån or 7-Eleven. A purchase made of Travel Services without stating a Customer Number neither results in any price reduction nor statistical data. Subsequent registration of ticket purchases is not possible.

3.2. A booking fee is payable in accordance with SJ’s and other operators’ price lists applicable from time to time.

4. Means of payment and terms and conditions

4.1. Payment for Travel Service takes place using cash, a bank or credit card, SJ invoice or through a so-called “travel account” with a credit card company linked to the Customer Number. More information regarding current travel account providers can be found at

5. Liability and misuse

5.1. The Company is liable for all travel documents as ordered and provided through the use of the Company’s Company Number. In the event of the suspicion of misuse of the Customer Number, the Company must immediately notify SJ thereof in order to block such use so that a new Customer Number can be obtained.

6. Processing of personal data

6.1. SJ processes personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act (PUL). In the event the Company orders Travel Services on behalf of its employees the Company undertakes to obtain consent according to SJ’s PUL policy.

7. SJ’s right to revoke and discontinue Customer Numbers

7.1. SJ shall be entitled to revoke the Company’s Customer Number, with immediate effect and without prior notice, where the Company (i) breaches its obligations under these General Terms and Conditions; or (ii) has not used the Customer Number during a 12-month period.

7.2. SJ shall be entitled to discontinue use of SJ Customer Numbers subject to three months’ notice and thereupon discontinue the Customer Number.

8. Assignment

8.1. The Company may not assign its Customer Number or any of its rights or obligations under these General Terms and Conditions to any other party.

9. Force majeure

9.1. SJ shall not be liable for undertakings pursuant to these General Terms and Conditions to the extent performance is precluded by events attributable to enactments, measures by public authorities, emergency situations, natural disasters, strikes, blockades, boycotts, sabotage, lockouts or other similar circumstances.

10. Miscellaneous terms and conditions

10.1. SJ’s General Terms and Conditions for Carriage by Rail applicable from time to time shall apply to train journeys (under SJ’s management).

10.2. SJ’s General Terms and Conditions of Purchase applicable  from time to time shall also apply in connection with purchases of Travel Services.

11. Disputes and choice of law

11.1. Disputes arising as a result of these General Terms and Conditions shall be finally adjudicated by a Swedish court applying Swedish law.

12. Entry into force

12.1. These General Terms and Conditions for SJ Customer Numbers shall enter into force on 30 November 2015.