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Latest information regarding how the corona virus covid-19 affects our traffic

Page last updated 2020-08-06

Read more about the corona virus on, and

On this page you will find updated and relevant information for you who will be travelling with SJ in the near future.

General recommendations from the Public Health Agency in Sweden

Our main focus is the health and safety of our travellers and employees. We therefore work closely with responsible authorities regarding the coronavirus. We are also in contact with responsible authorities on security-related issues. We carefully follow the instructions and recommendations we receive from the responsible authorities, in this case mainly the Public Health Agency in Sweden. On this page you can read about what measures we have taken to reduce the risk of possible spread of infection.

As a traveller, you have the responsibility to follow the admonishments in security and order matters from the train crew. If you do not do so, you may be denied boarding or be rejected in accordance with SJ's general terms and conditions of travel. This rule also applies when crew need to provide instructions or admonishment to follow the Public Health Authority's regulations and general advice to avoid the spread of infection.

It is still important that you as a traveller take your responsibility and follow the Public Health Authority's guidelines and recommendations. Therefore, stay at home if you have any symptoms of cold. When travelling with us, it is important that you do your best to keep the distance to your fellow travellers. If it is possible, travel at less popular times such as early in the morning. Continue to wash your hands frequently and cough and sneeze in your elbow crease or in a handkerchief. Read more about how you should behave on the Public Health Authority's website.

Social distancing on board

It is still important to keep the distance to your fellow travellers and we are doing our utmost to facilitate social distancing on board our trains. Therefore, we ask you to follow posted signs, only move around in the train when necessary and avoid forming a queue to the on board toilet facilities.

To create more space to be able to keep the distance and travel safer, we have now also decided to further limit the number of available seats on board our bookable trains. A number of seats will not be open for booking to ensure that the train does not get too crowded. The seat map that is available when booking our high-speed trains now easily shows which seats cannot be booked. However, we cannot guarantee that these seats will be empty when travelling. This is due to ticket sales being open before we removed these seats from booking. Even though we have made the change now, it may take a while before it is noticeable on board all routes.

If you want to travel in a couchette or sleeping car on our night trains and want to be sure not to end up in a compartment with other travellers, we recommend that you book a private sleeping compartment.

Please remember to keep your distance to others on the platform and when boarding and alighting the train.

Travel regionally

As with the local traffic, it is not possible to book a specific seat on our regional trains. We also have a large number of passengers travelling with commuter tickets, which means that they do not have to book their journey in advance. We want you to be aware that this can mean overcrowding since we cannot guarantee seating for everyone. We therefore ask you to not travel regionally during rush hour if you are able to avoid it and instead choose an earlier or later departure.

View regional trains with usually many travellers

Reduced food service

The pre-order of food for your journey is not possible at the moment. The on bord bistro will still be open and offers a selection of food and drinks.

The bistro is regarded as a restaurant/café and therefore follows the guidelines of the Public Health Authority. This means that you have to sit at a table (either in the bistro or at your booked seat) while eating and drinking. Keep the distance, do not form a queue and respect any signs. We are also installing acrylic glass at the checkout on trains where refreshments are sold.

Rebook and cancel journey due to covid-19

Due to previous recommendations regarding unnecessary domestic travel we made the decision to upgrade non-rebookable tickets for departures after 14:00 Thursday 19 March and up to Wednesday 30 September 2020 to the flexibility Rebookable. This is not applicable to Last minute tickets.

You still need to cancel your ticket before departure if you are planning to not use it, even if the ticket is rebookable. Instructions for how to rebook your ticket can be found here. Your ticket needs to be rebooked within 180 days of the original departure date, but the new journey can take place at a later date.

This upgrade of non-rebookable tickets applies to journeys by SJ's train. We also sell tickets with other operators and if you have booked a journey through SJ but will travel with another operator other rules will apply. In these cases, contact the operator listed on your ticket.

If you have sent an email with your booking number to as per previous instructions, you will receive further information via email.

If you have any symptoms of cold you should not travel. If you have a non-rebookable ticket our usual terms and conditions apply, read more here.

We have temporarily lowered the price of our rebookable ticket so that it costs the same as our non-refundable tickets. In addition, we have lowered the price of our refundable ticket. If you buy a refundable ticket you can choose to cancel your journey and get your money back, excluding the booking fee, as per our usual terms and conditions.

Cancelled departures within Sweden

SJ continues to run trains in the whole country, but train traffic will be affected on all routes. Our ambition is for this to be done in such a way that our travellers are affected as little as possible. This means that SJ offers the traveller the option to choose a different departure, but there will still be room for everyone who wants to travel.

If your departure is cancelled, you will receive information via sms about the cancelled train and an offer of free rebooking. You need to rebook within 180 days since you credit value is valid for a limited amount of time, however your new journey can take place at a later date. If you do not think that you have any use of this credit value, please contact our customer service and we will refund your ticket instead. For tickets booked through a travel agency, the travel agency needs to be contacted.

Please keep yourself updated on or with our app.


Travel to Norway and Denmark

Travel to and from Copenhagen is cancelled, at least until Sunday 6 September. All SJ departures will terminate in Malmö. If you are affected by this, you will receive information via sms and the offer of free rebooking or refund. For tickets booked through a travel agency, the travel agency needs to be contacted.

Here you can read more about Denmark's new entry rules on

Travel to and from Kongsvinger, Narvik, and Oslo is cancelled, at least until Sunday 6 September. If you are affected by this, you will receive information via sms and the offer of free rebooking or refund. For tickets booked through a travel agency, the travel agency needs to be contacted.

We want to make you especially aware of Norways increased border controls and that you as a traveller are responsible for finding out what type of document you must present to the border police in order to enter Norway. Quarantine requirements apply to all travellers (including Swedes) crossing the border to Norway.



Reduced opening hours  for travel offices and lounges

The openings hours of our travel offices and lounges in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö have been temporarily changed. You can find our opening hours here.

Some waiting rooms connected to train stations will be cancelled to reduce the possible spread of infection. At this moment, Stockholm Central, Gothenburg Centralstation and Malmö Centralstation are not affected. SJ is not responsible for the train stations and we therefore ask you to read more and see if your station is affected on


How our trains are cleaned

Our trains are cleaned once every 24 hours, usually at night. This includes a thorough cleaning of toilets, seats, keypads, handrails, handles, walls and floors.

Daytime, a more basic cleaning is done at each end station. It involves removing garbage, cleaning the floors in the bistro and a thorough cleaning of the toilets. As an additional measure, we also wipe off exposed surfaces such as handrails, handles and keypads.

The detergents we use for cleaning are fat solvents and have an effect on viruses such as covid-19.

In addition to this, a more extensive cleaning is done at different intervals, using steam cleaning machines and carpet washing machines.

When it comes to hygiene, we urge both our travellers and our staff to be careful about washing their hands and using hand sanitiser. We offer disinfecting hand wipes in our bistro and kiosk carriages.

The ventilation on board

SJ follows the regulations concerning ventilation systems on trains and we work both to prevent and repair any faults ensure good air quality.

The air on board is replaced by fresh air several times an hour. Exactly how often differs between our different train types but the time span is once every two to eight minutes.

It is important to remember that the corona virus is primarily a droplet infection and not an airborne infection. Therefore, be careful to wash your hands, do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth, cough and sneeze in your elbow crease and do not travel if you have any cold symptoms.

Impact on our partners

The recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden affect not only SJ's activities, but also our partners. An example of this is that Scandic Hotels now offers breakfast boxes instead of the usual breakfast buffet. Our partners can choose to make further changes in their operations, SJ is not responsible for this and we refer any questions to the business in question.