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Latest information regarding how the corona virus covid-19 affects our traffic

Page last updated 2021-04-15

Read more about the corona virus on, and

The government has decided that only half of the seats on board trains running longer than 150 km may available for booking. This restriction currently applies to travel up to and including Saturday, August 14.

The restriction does not affect already purchased tickets, which means that there will be departures where more than half of the seats are occupied.

SJ’s main focus during the covid-19 pandemic is the safety of our passengers and employees. We follow the government's decisions and the recommendations given by the Public Health Agency in Sweden.

It is important that you take your responsibility and follow the Public Health Agency’s guidelines when travelling with us. Read about what you can do to protect yourself and others on their website.

1. Face mask requirements when travelling 

The Public Health Agency in Sweden recommends all travellers and onboard staff to wear face masks when travelling during rush hour. The recommendation is for people who are travelling without a seat reservation (and all passengers on regional trains on the routes Stockholm–Västerås–Örebro–Gothenburg and Gothenburg–Karlstad) on weekdays between 7–9 and 16-18. Given that there are various regional differences for when, during the day, a face mask should be used when travelling, it is each travellers own responsibility to be familiar with these regional recommendations.

The face mask should be worn during the entire journey, including when you are on the station. The recommendation is aimed at people born 2004 and earlier.

It is up to all travellers to provide their own face mask and wear it during rush hour traffic. If you do not have a personal face mask you can purchase masks at Pressbyrån or 7-Eleven that offers different models, all with CE marking and approved. You can also find an assortment of face masks in other stores. You can’t purchase face masks on board.

See information from Folkhälsomyndigheten (Public Health Agency in Sweden) on how to use disposable fask masks [pdf, in Swedish only]

2. Choose a single seat on SJ High-speed trains

In our seatmap you can easily see what seats are blocked. If you are a travelling on your own, you are able to choose a seat next to a seat that has been marked as blocked.

One some lines (Stockholm-Karlstad, Stockholm-Sundsvall and Avesta Krylbo-Borlänge-Falun/Mora) county transit tickets are valid without a seat reservation. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the blocked seat will remain empty.

3. Only private compartments available on SJ Night trains

To follow the government's decision regarding the number of bookable seats on board, there will only be private compartments available for booking. Groups of 1-3 travellers can book Private sleeping compartment and groups of 4-6 travellers can book Private couchette compartments.

The compartment options visible in our booking flow when you search for your ticket are the ones available for you to book. Some options will not be available for purchase with SJ Prio points during this period.  It is not possible to split the booking and pay for the ticket per traveller.

Read more about the governments decision at the top of this page.

4. Choose the right regional train departure

Due to the governments decision to restrict the number of seats on board (read more at the top of this page) only half of the seats are available for booking. It is not possible to book a specific seat on our regional trains, this makes it difficult for us to foresee exactly how many people will be on each departure, each day. Therefore, we ask you to avoid travelling during rush hour. In our timetable, we now mark departures during rush hour in yellow, making it easier for you to choose a departure with lower risk of overcrowding.

Fewer departures Stockholm-Uppsala

If you travel between Stockholm and Uppsala, you currently (since 11 February) have fewer departures to choose from due to a previous accident on the route. The Swedish Transport Administration estimates that the repair work will take several weeks and only at the end of April 2021 are the damaged tracks expected to be passable again. With a ticket without a seat reservation, you can travel on the SJ Regional train, which runs approximately once an hour. You can also choose to travel with SL's commuter train where your SJ ticket is valid during the repair work. You cannot travel with our double-deckers, other InterCity or SJ High-speed trains.

5. Choose a rebookable ticket

We recommend that you choose a flexible ticket that allows you to rebook your journey and avoid travelling if your are showing any symptoms of a cold. We have temporarily reduced the price of our rebookable tickets for SJ journeys. A rebookable ticket will cost a maximum of SEK 30 more than a non-rebookable ticket.*

Please note that you have to cancel your journey before the departure date and time if you are not travelling, even when the ticket can be rebooked. Read more about rebooking your ticket.

* Applies to SJ's day trains and seats on SJ's night trains. For bunks or beds the rebooking fee is the usual price. We are also a ticket distributor for other train operators. If you have purchased a ticket with another operator other rules will apply.

6. We have increased the cleaning on board

Our trains are cleaned once every 24 hours, usually at night. This includes a thorough cleaning of toilets, seats, keypads, handrails, handles, walls and floors.

On most of SJ's trains, daytime, a more basic cleaning is done at each end station. It involves removing garbage, cleaning the floors in the bistro and a thorough cleaning of the toilets. As an additional measure, we also wipe off exposed surfaces such as handrails, handles and keypads.

The detergents we use for cleaning are fat solvents and have an effect on viruses such as covid-19.

A more extensive cleaning, using steam cleaning machines and carpet washing machines, is done at different intervals.

7. The air is replaced several times an hour

The air on board is replaced by fresh air several times an hour. Exactly how often differs between our different train types but the time span is once every two to eight minutes. The night train compartments each have their own air supply.

SJ follows the regulations concerning ventilation systems on trains and we work both to prevent and repair any faults ensure good air quality.

8. Social distancing onboard

It is important that we all do our part in ensuring safe travel. Do not travel if you are showing any signs of a cold. Show consideration and keep the distance from your fellow passengers and the onboard staff. Respect any onboard signs, do not move around the train if not necessary, and avoid forming a cue to the onboard toilets. Remember to keep your distance from others on the platform and when boarding and alighting the train.

9. Follow the guidelines for the onboard bistro

The bistro follows the guidelines of the Public Health Agency and the government's decision. This means that passengers have to sit down (either at your booked seat or in the bistro) whilst eating and drinking. We no longer sell alcohol after 20:00. Passengers are not allowed to sit in the bistro after 20:30. However, the bistro will remain open and it is possible to purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages and bring them to your seat.

We have installed acrylic glass at the checkout on trains where refreshments are sold and have hand sanitiser available for passengers.

10. Listen to the onboard staff

Please listen and follow the directions given by our onboard staff. Passengers who do not follow our instructions may be denied boarding or be shown off the train, in accordance to SJ’s general terms and conditions of travel. This is to ensure a safe onboard environment for all.

Travel to Denmark

All SJ departures to and from Copenhagen are cancelled until further notice. All departures will terminate in Malmö.

Read more about Denmarks entry rules on

Travel to Norway

All SJ departures to and from Kongsvinger, Oslo and Narvik are cancelled until further notice.

Read more about travelling to Norway on