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Latest information regarding how the corona virus affects SJs trains

Page last updated 2020-05-27

Read more about the corona virus on, and

We understand that in times like these, it is important to feel that you get the right information at the right time. On this page there is updated and relevant information for you who will be travelling with us in the near future.

Empty seat next to you

From Wednesday 22 April you can only reserve window seats on our trains that require a reservation. This ensures that the aisle seat next to you will be empty and that you will be seated at a suitable distance from your fellow travellers. In case you have previously booked an aisle seat, we will ensure that the window seat remains empty or that you can sit elsewhere.

If you are travelling with, for example, children and you need to sit close to each other, you can, after first consulting with the train attendant, change seats once you have boarded the train.

The above measure applies to SJ trains that require a reservation departing between 22 April and 30 June 2020. We will continuously review whether this is also needed on departures later in the future.

This does not apply if you travel in a couchette or sleeping car. If you want to be sure not to end up in a compartment with other travellers, you need to book a private sleeping compartment.

Our efforts to ensure safer train travel

On Wednesday 1 April, the Public Health Agency of Sweden updated their guidelines regarding public transport, to minimise the spread of infection. SJ will follows these guidelines and we have therefore carried out a number of measures.

From Thursday 2 April, we have ensured that there are plenty of seats that cannot be booked in advance on the SJ trains that require a seat reservation (which includes our high-speed trains). This allows our passengers to sit at a suitable distance from their fellow travellers.
During rush hour, we have extended our regional trains with additional carriages to allow all travellers to spread out on the train.

In addition to the above, all trips through Sunday 21 June have been upgraded to be rebookable. This means that a non-rebookable ticket can be rebooked. Read more about this change below.

We continue to run trains on all routes, albeit with less traffic than usual (read more about our traffic reductions below). However, we want to emphasise the importance of our travellers taking responsibility and making a careful assessment of the necessity of their journey. It is also important that travellers follow the guidelines of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and cancel or rebook their ticket if they have symptoms of a cold.


If you have a journey with SJ with a non-rebookable ticket, you can now rebook your ticket

On Thursday 19 March the Public Health Agency of Sweden made new recommendations regarding unnecessary domestic travel.

This means that we have upgraded all non-rebookable tickets for departures up to and including Sunday 21 June to the flexibility Rebookable

This is not applicable to Last minute tickets. For this tickets ordinary terms are valid and this tickets are not subject to the temporary rebooking and cancellation terms.

To cancel your journey: Go to and cancel your ticket before departure. Your ticket will then receive a value which you can use as payment or partial payment the next time you purchase a SJ ticket. The value is equal to the original ticket price, minus the booking fee, and valid for 180 days from the date your journey should have taken place. This means that your new journey needs to be booked within 180 days, but the departure can be completed at a later date. The credit value is displayed when you rebook your journey. Remember to save your booking number because it contains the value!

See further instruction for how to book a new ticket using your credit value here.

If you have previously sent an email with your booking number to, you will receive further instructions via email.

The decision applies to already booked trips with departure after 14:00 Thursday 19 March and up to Sunday 21 June 2020.

If you choose to complete your journey, you are welcome on board! We are still driving, but with some reductions in train traffic. You can read more about this further down on this page.


We lower the price of our flexible tickets

In order for you to feel that you have the option to plan and buy train journeys later this year, we have temporarily lowered the price of our rebookable ticket so that it costs the same as our non-refundable tickets.

This ensures that you can follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority of Sweden regarding domestic travel if they were to remain unchanged for a long period of time.

In addition, we have lowered the price of our refundable ticket. If you buy a refundable ticket you can choose to cancel your journey and get your money back, excluding the booking fee.

Read more about conditions for booking and canceling travel further down this page.


Cancelled journeys within Sweden

From Tuesday 17 March, SJ has canceled selected departures. SJ continues to run trains on all routes in the whole country, but train traffic will be affected in principle on all routes. Our ambition is for this to be done in such a way that our travellers are affected as little as possible. This means that SJ offers the traveller the option to choose a different departure, but there will still be room for everyone who wants to travel. The service on board the trains may also be affected.

If your journey is affected by this, you will receive information via sms about the cancelled train and an offer of free rebooking which you can carry out yourself on or in our app. This applies to all ticket types and flexibilities. You need to rebook within 180 days since you credit value is valid for a limited amount of time, however your journey can take place at a later date. If you do not think that you have any use of this credit value, please contact our customer service and we will refund your ticket instead. For tickets booked through a travel agency, the travel agency needs to be contacted.

Please keep yourself updated on or with our app.


Refund / rebooking of tickets

If you have a trip planned and have symptoms of a cold, you should stay at home according to the latest guidelines of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and avoid meeting other people than those you live with. By doing this you avoid infecting people on the train, bus, your work or where you are close to others.

Do you have a ticket with the flexibility "Refundable":

You get back the price of the ticket, minus the booking fee.

Do you have a ticket with flexibility "Can be rebooked":

The fare, minus the booking fee, is converted into a credit value that you can use when rebooking for one or more new trips. The credit value is valid for 180 days from the regular departure time of the train.

Do you have a ticket with the flexibility "Cannot be rebooked / refunded":

Between 19 March and 21 June, we are making temporary changes in our rebooking policy. See further information above.


In the event of illness, 100 % of the value of the ticket can be repurchased upon presentation of an approved medical certificate. SJ also approves medical certificates issued by online doctors such as Kry and Min doktor, among others.

Read more about rebooking and cancellation here

Cancel your journey here


Cancelled journeys to Copenhagen, Oslo and Narvik

Travel to and from Denmark

Travel to and from Denmark is affected by the fact that Denmark has closed its borders. SJ therefore turns the trains in Malmö and sets the trains to and from Denmark. If you are affected by this, you will receive information via sms about closed border and train turning in Malmö and the offer of free rebooking or cancellation which you can carry out yourself on or in our app, this applies to all ticket types and flexibilities. For tickets booked through a travel agency, the travel agency needs to be contacted.

According to the Danish authorities, The Danish entry ban is currently valid up to and including Sunday 21 June, our cancellation offer applies for the same period when it is for this period that we canceled the traffic.

Here you can read more about Denmark's new entry rules (in Swedish only)

Travel to and from Norway

Travel to and from Kongsvinger, Narvik, and Oslo is canceled. If you are affected by this, you will receive information via sms about the canceled train and the offer of free rebooking or cancellation which you can carry out yourself on or in our app, this applies to all ticket types and flexibility. For tickets booked through a travel agency, the travel agency needs to be contacted. The train traffic is canceled at least until Sunday 5 July.

Norway has chosen to tighten entry requirements and increased its border controls. We therefore want to make you especially aware that you as a traveler are responsible for finding out what type of document you must present to the border police in order to enter Norway. From Tuesday 17 March, quarantine requirements apply to all travelers crossing the border to Norway. This also applies to Swedes.



This is how our trains are cleaned

Hygiene and cleaning are important focus areas for us at SJ. Especially in these times when we know that both are important factors in helping to reduce the spread of infection.

Our trains are cleaned once every 24 hours, usually at night. This includes a thorough cleaning of toilets, seats, keypads, handrails, handles, walls and floors. Daytime, a more basic cleaning is done at each end station. It involves removing garbage, cleaning the floors in the bistro and a thorough cleaning of the toilets. In addition to this, a more extensive cleaning is done at different intervals, using steam cleaning machines and carpet washing machines.

When it comes to hygiene, we urge both our travellers and our staff to be careful about washing their hands and using hand sanitiser.


Pre-ordering food is temporarily not possible

From Wednsday 18 March the pre-order of food for your journey will no longer be possible. This is a temporary change due to lack of personnel due to an increase in sick leave.

The bistros on board our trains will still be open and offers a selection of food and drinks.

In order to prevent spread of infection * we ask you to keep distance from other people in the bistro; do not form a queue and sit at a table while eating and drinking or bring food and drink to your seat.

* In accordance with general advice from the Public Health Agency of Sweden on preventing the infection of covid-19 in restaurants and cafes.

Temporary change in opening hours for our travel offices and lounges

From Thursday 19 March, the openings hours of our travel offices and lounges in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö have been temporarily changed.

Waiting rooms may be closed

Some waiting rooms connected to train stations will be cancelled to reduce the possibile spead of infection. At this moment, Stockholm Central, Gothenburg Centralstation and Malmö Centralstation are not affected. SJ is not resonsible for the train stations and we therefore ask you to read more and see if your station is affected on


Impact on our partners

The recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden affect not only SJ's activities, but also our partners. An example of this is that Scandic Hotels now offers breakfast boxes instead of the usual breakfast buffet. Our partners can choose to make further changes in their operations, SJ is not responsible for this and we refer any questions to the business in question.


Our main focus right now is the health and safety of our travellers and employees. We therefore work closely with responsible authorities regarding the coronavirus. We are also in contact with responsible authorities on security-related issues.

We carefully follow the instructions and recommendations we receive from the responsible authorities, in this case mainly the Public Health Agency in Sweden. On the website of the Public Health Agency in Sweden you will find answers to many questions about the new corona virus and general advice how to avoid being infected.