Internet onboard

All of our X 2000 trains and double-deckers offer this service.

You can purchase this service at the same time as your trip or in our Bistro onboard. It is also possible to purchase it through the portal for Internet onboard when you are on the train and have started up your web browser.

1st class (1 klass)

In 1 klass your connection to the Internet is included for the duration of your trip. You can log in to the portal directly with the order number, which is on your ticket.

Price 2nd class (2 klass)

Connection time Price

30 mins

49 SEK

1 hour

69 SEK

2 hours

89 SEK

Whole trip

109 SEK

This is how you do

Most laptops with WiFi register the wireless network automatically. If your computer is set for auto-detect then you will come directly to SJ’s portal for Internet onboard when you open your web browser (eg. Internet Explorer).

Here's how it works

If you have a laptop or a PDA (hand computer) fitted for wireless networks with you on your trip, then you can use the service. You can surf in real-time and send and receive e-mail on a secure connection. Now you can also make your work trips more effective. All that’s needed to connect to your company’s network is VPN.

Stabel connection

For a faster and safer connection different types of connection are combined. Most of the time you surf via satellite and then you get most bandwidth. But so that you can surf without interruption we run a number of parallel links (both 3G and GSM). So while the train is driving, the system is always looking for the best connection.

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