Travel by train

It doesn’t really matter what time of the year you come to visit us.

Experiencing Sweden in the winter is just as exciting and amazing as it is in the summer – regardless of whether you are heading for the big city heat or the wondrous wilderness of our northern realms.

Own time onboard

Travel by train, and you can rest assured that you have not only chosen the most ecologically sound alternative for your journey, you have also chosen the most comfortable and safest means of transport. You can quietly recline in a cosy seat on our modern trains and simply enjoy the trip as a delightful preview to the adventure that’s yet to come. And you can spend your time onboard doing precisely as you please

Several different train company on the tracks

In Sweden you can travel with different train companies. SJ is the major Swedish train company running long distance traffic over almost whole Sweden. SJ also run a lot of regional and local services around the country. The train company running the train is always indicated in the time table. Each train company decides how it sells its own tickets but on SJ’s website you can buy tickets for most Swedish train companies.

If you are travelling around in Sweden with a rail pass (InterRail Pass or Eurail Pass) you have access to almost all Swedish trains, independent of different train companies. But please remember to reserve your seat, many trains have compulsory reservation.

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