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Reservation for pass holders

If you have an InterRail or an Eurail Pass you always have to remember to make reservations in all long distance trains.

SJ’s high speed trains and our night trains have compulsory reservation. We also recommend reservation for InterCity and regional trains if you are travelling a long distance and in the busy summer time. Seat reservations in the SJ InterCity trains between Stockholm-Oslo and Gothenburg-Copenhagen and vice versa are compulsory.

Reservations can be made either on the web (under Travel information/Customer card select Pass 2 cl (InterRail/Eurail) or Pass 1 cl (InterRail/Eurail); by phone 0771-75 75 75 or in one of SJs Ticket offices.

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Reservation prices for pass holders, price per person

  • Seat reservation 1st and 2nd class in SJ InterCity and Regional trains - 35 SEK
  • Seat reservation in 2nd class high speed train - 65 SEK
  • Seat reservation in 1st class high speed train - 150 SEK
  • Couchette in night trains (6-berth compartment) - 230 SEK
  • 3-berth sleeper in night trains - 375 SEK
  • 2-berth sleeper in night trains (compartment with hower/WC), always to be reserved as a whole compartment, 1st class rail pass needed - 900 SEK
  • 1-berth sleeper in night trains (compartment with shower/WC), 1st class rail pass needed - 750 SEK
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